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Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Next House Project

 I'm beginning to understand why folks around here who heat their homes with wood have at least two or three cords drying all summer.  We really seem to be going through the wood and it's not even that cold yet.  We only bought one cord, and last July when I was stacking it, it seemed like a lot. Now I know better. I wouldn't be surprised if we went through it by the end of December.  On sunny days, though, I can get away with burning less because the sliding glass doors do a good job of capturing solar gain.  This picture was taken this morning- I cooked hot cereal on it, and kept a kettle warm for tea.  Today was overcast, and in the forties, so I have another fire going to heat the hall bath up for bath time.  Then we're done with the stove for the day. By the way, the odd looking thing to the right of the tea kettle is an Eco Fan.  It works off temperature differentials, so it doesn't use any electricity, which I think is pretty cool.  I discovered all too late that the two-bladed fan, which is the one we have, moves 100 cfm, and the three-bladed fan, which is what I wish I'd purchased, moves 150 cfm.  I found them cheapest at Amazon, if you go looking.  The stove is a Lopi Revere, and we bought the Revere because it has one of the lowest EPA-rated emissions ratings, and had a cooktop.  I figured if we were burning wood, we may as well cook with it. So this morning's cereal didn't take any gas.  We could have done the coffee with the wood stove too, but neither one of us can wait that long for coffee. Actually, a cup of coffee sounds really good right now, and it's after five, so too late  in the day for that.

The above is the corner of the kitchen into which I'll build our breakfast nook- I drew plans for it yesterday.  The plans also include a book case in the upper left hand corner, or left of the window, if you will.  The bookcase is the first thing to get done, because it will let me clear five boxes out of that corner.  We've been in this house almost a year and I still have lots of stuff in boxes- the guest room is full of them as well. Anyway, I spent a good chunk of yesterday figuring and drawing out the nook plans, which I've posted below.

The stuff on the left is more doodling and trying things out, but the two scale plans on the right (one is the floor plan, the other is the elevation) show where the benches will go, and where the book case will go.  I decided to go ahead and leave the top shelf with only eight inches because I'm going to put my over sized books up there on their backs.  Everything else should fit fine.  Steve went with me to buy the lumber and hanging hardware, which totaled a little less than forty-five dollars.  I wanted to paint them a pretty French blue-gray, but decided that I should probably use stain and varnish that I already have, instead of buying more paint.  Seems like the more responsible thing to do, even though I would really prefer the blue gray color!  At any rate, today I spent some time working out a template for the braces, and tomorrow I'll get started on making it.  The other things I did today was look for work (nothing) and get started on my crop schedule.  Now I need to go throw dinner in the oven (chicken) and scrub the tub so I can take a bath.  As my friend Chelle once said, "a bath rocks!" It really does.


Paula said...

Oh wait! I just remembered I have a gray stain out in the garage. I'm not sure it would work though, since it's probably not blue enough for me, or paint enough for me.

Guess I'd better stick to the stain and varnish scenario....*sigh*.

Being green is hard.

Cottage Garden said...

Hi Paula, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, its always lovely to hear from new bloggers and especially from across the pond. I must say I do like the name of your blog!