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Sunday, November 8, 2009

You Gotta Start Somewhere

So here's the plan. Teach yourself to feed yourself from your garden and become otherwise as self-sufficient as possible, so that you can retire, early if possible.  This is what I hope to do with the backyard, which faces south and has almost no plants in it.  We looked long and hard for a house with a southern exposure at the back and very few plants in it- a blank palette if you will, and then nearly died from the heat the following summer.  We have no air conditioning and don't plan on putting any in, and the temperature hit 106 degrees Fahrenheit for a couple of days this past summer.

Back to the plan:  this is very different from what I originally envisioned, because I had the good fortune to get Gaia's Garden for my birthday, and it changed how I think about what should happen back there.  So the garden is planned, most of the trees are on order (they'll be here in January), and the next thing to get done is to create a crop schedule.

I found that I was pretty much late with everything last summer, but that was because I was so involved with the house.  I even ordered cool weather cover crop seeds, but didn't get them in because I was feverishly finishing up the bookcase and day bed before friends came for a visit.  Seems I'm always catching up.  So next spring, I want to have a solid plan and calendar of when everything gets started and transplanted and all that.

Did I mention that my soil is clay? From one extreme to the other. Back in Florida, my soil was sandy.  We left Florida because it has only two seasons: Winter, and Weed and Bug Season.  So here we are in Oregon, and the soil is clay.  I have a lot of work to do.


Tammy said...

Welcome to blogland. I can't wait to see how things progress with your plans.

I am in the NC mtns - weather and conditions vary so much here... we never know if our plans will come to fruition.

Cottage Smallholder said...

Welcome to blogland and blogging.

I love your plan - it's great. Even though I'm not working ATM I'm still behind in the garden!

Paula said...

Thank you for the welcome!

Kate said...

Clay soil will come along nicely if you work at it. Just remember that the clay is loaded with nutrients. It's just a matter of loosening things up enough to let the plants get at all those good things! And yeah, I've been there with heavy clay, so I know how it is. Our current soil started out as clay, but fortunately not the really heavy stuff.