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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pitifully Little Progress

I've been spending the better part of the last four or five days outside because the weather has been so wonderful and I need to get things done out there.   Unfortunately, getting things done always takes me much longer than I expect it to.

But I've been working myself to exhaustion, so consequently I'm sleeping better. And I noticed today, that my delts were sore, so evidently I've been ripping down a little muscle.  I don't remember ever hurting there before, so I hope that means I'm getting stronger. I still have a LOT of bark to dig up and move.  The bark is rotting as well, so it's going into the compost piles, but I have so much of it, I may need to pile it somewhere and move it back onto the cardboard that will replace the black plastic that I'm tearing up.  With exception of the deck and planter boxes, I want to eradicate plastic from my yard, and it's a big job.

Last fall we put together a planter box made up from the quasi-logs from the planter box that the previous owner had built.  His planter needed to go because it's right where the rest of the patio needs to go, plus we're putting up a pergola to shade the back of the house in the summertime, and that would not make for a good place to grow vegetables.  I started another new planter from the rest of the old planter box this week (we didn't get the whole thing moved before bad weather set in), and I realized two things: the wood is starting to rot and I'm not keen on going to the trouble to build with rotten wood, and I don't have enough to finish the planter box anyway.  So that one is on hold for the present.

I pretty much finished getting the deck reduced to half its original size, which by the way, did turn out to be 24x24 after all.  All I need to do now is screw up the fascia board.  That too, is on hold until my contractor can bring me a new piece of fascia board.  What I have is in too many pieces to look decent.  Jef (not a typo- that's how he spells it) came over this morning to get the measurements for the pergola so that he can estimate it for me. I will be really relieved when it's done, but I'm also a little worried that it's going to be really expensive.  We'll see what he says.

So now that the deck is done and out of the way, I got started on making planter boxes from the plastic decking I pulled off.  I think I'm going to have more than enough, if I'm careful and clever with it, plus I found four full length pieces at the back of the yard.  I don't expect the planter boxes I make with this stuff to look particularly good, but I do expect them to last forever and that I won't have to rebuild them.  If there's enough of the decking left over, I'll use it to remake that other planter box and use the rotting wood from it to hold back bark at some point.  In that application, replacing them won't be such a big deal.

Tomorrow I'll get back out there and continue.  The sunny weather is supposed to be over Tuesday, so I'm makin' hay while the sun shines.


Toni aka irishlas said...

I'm like you - I always think I'll get things done quicker than reality lets me! Or maybe I'm still thinking my body is 25 instead of 50 something..haha
Don't fall over when you hear how much the pergola is going to cost. My husband and I wound up building our own (at our old house) because of the cost of someone else doing it.

Steelkitten said...

You're so lucky to be having decent weather. I was getting ready to go out and hit the veg beds and it snowed again.

There is a wee apology over on my blog for you regarding the generous sharing of your knowledge about custard.

Di said...

Hello Paula, so nice to see another Oregonian gardener. We had an exceptional Sunday to work outside and currently I think that's where I'm headed before the rains hit the valley once again. I'm looking forward to reading more here. ;)