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Monday, February 15, 2010

Spring Is Springing

It's trying very hard to be spring out there. The earth is giving all signs of warming up- probably more so because we had an extremely mild winter. In fact, the Autumn of 2009 was much colder than the Winter of 2010. We'll be saying that for a long time. However, much like the stock market, past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Who knows what this next winter will be like? But that's a long way off, and I hope to have many things in place by then, not the least of which is a lot of firewood!

At any rate, the bulb flowers are coming up all over the place (not that I have any, but I hope to rectify that this fall) and I can hear several different species of birds trilling and calling in the morning mist. It looks like it will burn off and we'll have a really pretty day.

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