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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tree Planting Day

Friday night I stayed up late, redesigning the backyard to accommodate the almond trees and blueberry bushes. I will post the new design in a later post- right now it's taped to the inside of one of the sliding glass doors so that I could reference it while planting trees.  This was truly helpful, and since I still have the almonds and berries to do when they come, hopefully this next week, I'm leaving the diagram where it is for now.

We got to planting trees on Saturday.  Steve, God bless him, helped me even though gardening and mucking about in the mud is not his thing.  And it was muddy! The weather was perfect for planting bare root trees, though.  It was forecast for rain, but only sprinkled a couple of times, but otherwise was overcast all day, and cool. Interestingly enough, this nursery did not pack the bare roots in damp sawdust, which from my experience is the norm, but wrapped them instead in wet newspaper.  They were fine, though, but then, they also only traveled one day.  At any rate, Steve lifted turf for me, which I could not pick up, and managed to hurt his back in the process. He was also coming down with something and had a raging sore throat all day, so he performed yeoman's service for me.  I dug fifteen holes, and I can now tell you that I completely understand what they mean by the term "heavy clay".  It stuck to the shovel, it stuck to my muck boots, and made walking slow and sluggish.  And it was heavy.  I was glad to have a pile of year-old compost on hand to mix with the soil I pulled from the holes.  At one point, I dug in and found not clay soil, but clay.  Blue clay. It was striated with gray clay. I decide that wasn't going to be a good place to plant the Montmorency cherry tree I was planning for it, so I planted it over by where I'm planning the chicken coop (if indeed I do decide to do chickens) instead.

 The apples are in

I have markers all over the yard for various things- where the berries will go, where the greenhouse/summer kitchen will go, etc.  Now that I have trees sticking out of the ground as well, my yard looks like a forest of sticks.  I can't wait to see what it looks like when everything is in bloom, and really looking forward to it being more mature. I hope it will be as pretty in real life as it is in my mind.

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Eric Thomason said...

Looks like fun, I'd like to get some apples in at our place too. Almonds are another good idea. I'll keep watching to see what you learn.