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Friday, April 30, 2010

Matchless Boxes

Something I started doing a long, long time ago when I have time for it is covering matchboxes with lovely pictures I've cut out of magazines.  Sometimes you can find auction catalogs in used book stores, and they have lots of pictures of beautiful antique paintings.  These are nicer to leave around the house next to candles or lamps (or cigarette holders or bongs, if that's your wont) than a glaring red box that says "HY TOP 32 STRIKE ON BOX POCKET MATCHES" or, "Home Best STRIKE ON BOX Matches".  And three or four of these tied up with a ribbon make a thoughtful but inexpensive hostess gift when you need one in a pinch. 

And you can cover up that little insult to your intelligence that says, "CAUTION: CLOSE BOX BEFORE STRIKING MATCH..."

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