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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Trip to IKEAland

If you follow the Champions League, you'll know that Bayern Munich lost to Inter Milan last Saturday, and if you follow my blog, you'll know that I was counting on Bayern to win so that I could talk Steve into going to IKEA after a kitchen island that I want very much.

Steve, bless his heart, took me to IKEA anyway.  IKEA, curse them, were out of my island.  Actually, I can't really say that because I did check their store stock to see if they had it, and their system said they were out of it, but we went anyway on the off chance that maybe their system was wrong? Not.

I didn't come away empty handed, however.  I got a six-pack of wine glasses that were made in, get this, the USA! I was surprised at that- most of the stuff they carry is manufactured in China, like everything else in the world.  Textiles come from India, though, which is not a surprise. We got some of those- nice 100% cotton dish towels and some nice cotton/linen blend dish towels, and a properly masculine and large apron for Steve, who needs it for beer and pretzel making. Especially the pretzel making, as he uses a food grade lye for the pretzel bath.

At any rate, the thing we got at the IKEA this weekend that I am most excited about I am sitting in even as I type this.  I got a new office chair, and I really love it.  It feels pretty solid- a lot of the stuff at IKEA is cheaply made and feels cheaply made. You really have to look at things.  Anyway, this was sixty bucks and I love its retro, Thirties Modern office feel.  It's also a lot more comfortable than the bentwood cafe chair that I've been sitting on.

 Doesn't this chair have a Thirties Modern feel to it?

I also wanted a stool for the kitchen because I have a friend coming in from out of town and I want her to be able to hang out with me in the kitchen while I cook. I originally planned to get the Dalfred stool, but guess what? It was way uncomfortable.  Walking through IKEA's kitchen section, we saw the Franklin stool at all the computer stations.  I really like its mid-century modern feel, which is conveyed by both its paint color and the steam-bent plywood seat and back- not exactly Charles and Ray Eames, but getting there.

 The Eames would be so proud!

I asked about the island when we checked out, and one of the girls kindly looked it up for me.  Six were being loaded on the truck at the time, so she guesstimated that they should be at the store in a week or a week and a half.  I need to check the stock every day and hot foot it over there when they come in. 

So the trip was not a total loss, and I know that I'm getting my island, as soon as it's available.  Which means that I really should get cracking on that hutch I'm supposed to be building.

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Anonymous said...

Good job Steve, and not so good Ikea...Love the stool!