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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was playing bunco with the ladies at a neighbor's house tonight, and on their back porch they had five large plant saucers full of dog food.

I asked Myrna, wow! do you feed a lot of dogs? and she said No, raccoons- that's Dick's thing.

So later I see mama raccoon show up and do you know how many kits she had with her?

Do you have any idea how many kits one raccoon can have when she's fed a steady diet of dog food?


I hates raccoons.

For some reason, I was really depressed this evening.


Amy Manning said...

Hmph. Me too. A raccoon attacked two turkeys, three ducks (one of them was still living when we found it, I won't tell you the gorey details) and two chickens. Oh and all the neighbors chickens too.

The department of Fish and Wildlife recommended shooting it. They said that there is a distemper outbreak among raccoons.

Paula said...

Really? Who did you talk to at ODFW? Because I got an email from one of them that was pretty much unhelpful, but that's because there are no state laws prohibiting the practice. I think that needs to change.

Jennifer Montero said...

Paula - Here it's badgers. People feed badgers because they think they're cute. But badgers carry TB so encouraging them onto clean ground can mean spreading the disease to cattle and deer. A positive TB test on your cattle (testing is regular and mandatory) means you can't sell any breeding stock or beef until you're clear two more tests in a row. It can be financially devastating to a farmer.

You could remind your friend that coons carry distemper, rabies, fleas and ticks, and a myriad of other diseases. Maybe they could just watch the Discovery channel instead??

Chris said...

Depressed because of the fact your neighbor is feeding the racoons? Yeah, they shouldn't be feeding them...they do just fine on their own. We used to have alot of them around here but now seem to have a pretty healthy coyote population that I'm sure picked off a few.
On another note...I have the BEST refrigerator, dill pickle recipe, if you're interested. It is from the Duris Cucumber Farm in Puyallup, Wa.
I can them every year and people who don't necessarily like dill these! The best processing..they keep in the fridge for months!

Paula said...

I was depressed because all I could think of was the ensuing fight I was going to have with keeping what will probably be scores of coons out of the yard.