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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy Sunday

The weather has still been cooperating, so I was finally able to till my back forty (square feet, not acres!).  Oh! I didn't tell you about my tiller!

Almost done here.  What a champ this little tiller is!
It was a toss up between the Troy Bilt 6.5 amp electric mini tiller and the Sears Craftsman, since they both got rave reviews.  In the end I opted for the Craftsman because it was easier to locate, and my past experience with buying power tools (wood working, that is) has always been go to Home Depot, see what they got, go to Sears, see what they got, go to Lowes, see what they got, go back to Sears and buy the Craftsman because it's better designed than everything else.  I once burned out a Craftsman 4-inch belt-sander fixing a floor (the drum sander I rented was out of balance and I seriously wrecked my hardwood floor with it and the HUD inspector was coming the next day, so I had to get the floor done) and so I returned it and they replaced it, no questions asked.  Anyway- I love this tiller!  No lie- I already broke ground with a spading fork, because I wouldn't have tried breaking that ground with a regular tiller- that would be like taking it to concrete.  It did a great job of breaking up the dirt clods and mixing in my compost and soil amendments: playground sand, green sand, rock phosphate, bone meal and kelp meal.  I was very happy with it. Very.  By the way, it was marked at $249 in the store, but I had my screen print of the price they set at $199.99, so that's what I paid for it.  Another case of ask for the deal.

That pretty much took all day.  Then halfway through the day when I was getting something out of the fridge I noticed all the food I'd put up in the front of the fridge:

Top to bottom left: raspberry jam, strawberry jam, blackberry jam- this year.  Top to bottom center: chestnuts preserved in syrup and tomato sauce- last fall and summer.  Last jar right: salsa verde - last summer

Tonight's dinner was grilled and otherwise cooked outside.  While I had steaks on the 'cue, I also cooked zucchini from the garden and some carrots on the new stove.  It's like restaurant cooking- it burns so much hotter than my indoor stove.  I like the new camp stove a lot as well.

Frothing about the new batch

And then last, but not least, I get to sleep with Steve's girlfriend, Bubbles.  Bubbles is keeping an eye on the latest brew, which is fermenting in the coldest part of my house- my side of the bed in our bedroom.  The sad part is, he's brewing a hefeweizen, which I don't like.

Honestly, I'm so tired, I doubt Bubbles will keep me up, even if I do suspect that she has designs on my husband.


Tamar@StarvingofftheLand said...

OK, don't be mad or anything, but we scored a Honda FG110 mini-tiller at an estate sale for ten bucks. Retails new for around $350. Works like a dream.

I think I'd love it even if we'd paid a reasonable price for it. I understand tiller love.

Paula said...

Oh Tamar! Ten bucks- wow!

I'm not mad- not at all.

What a SCORE!

I'm glad somebody understands my tiller love.