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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Muuuuuch Better!

For some reason, and I'm not at all sure why, between torquing my back and the stress from my interview on Monday (haven't heard anything yet), much of this week was spent feeling absolutely yucky.  I had a vague but constant headache, and nothing I ate settled well, when I felt like eating, which was infrequent.  Steve knew there was something wrong with me when I refused a glass of wine.  So yesterday, while Steve stopped for a mocha (not interested in that, either) on the way to the grocery store, I stopped in at a chiropractor's office in the same strip mall and made an appointment for today, which I kept.  I feel so much better!  Not one hundred percent yet, but a whole lot better than I did prior.   I haven't seen a chiropractor since I lost my job last September, and I used to go twice a month, so I really, really needed to get adjusted.

The doctor said that because I pronate, which I knew, he wants me to spend more time walking barefoot around the house, which I thought interesting. I have high arches- not as high as they used to be, but the pronation thing has not helped them or my posture, so if walking around without shoes will help, I'm all for it as long at the weather's warm.  I don't know about you, but I pretty much never go barefoot- I hate getting my feet dirty- so I padded around in thick socks.  Plus, we have a slate floor which is always cold.

Something else I think is interesting is that all chiropractors do things differently, by which I mean, they all seem to have different ways of adjusting you.  My guess is that in addition to the differences in how they're educated,  they use whatever technique works for them physically.

Then when we were done with the adjustments, he had me get up on a bilateral scale that tells you how much of your weight you are carrying on either side of your body.  I was within five pounds of either side, so I was balanced pretty well.  The good news there was I'd lost three pounds this week, and I'm going to attribute that to having no appetite.  He also told me to do my regular activities- he didn't want me restricted, so this afternoon I braided up the rest of the garlic, which was finally ready for it, and tied up the cucumbers.  It appears that I have cukes to pickle, so I'll pick them tomorrow morning before they get hot.  As long as I pickle them within forty-eight hours, they should be okay.

Did I mention that my appetite came back, with a vengeance, almost immediately?  I'm still eschewing the vino, figuring that I can keep the weight coming off if I cut out the empty calories.  Getting a few pounds off would probably help my ankles, too.  I should probably mention here that I opened up the Buffalo Bleu Kettle Chips that Steve bought yesterday at the grocery store, so I didn't quite eschew the empty calories.  I did say 'with a vengeance'.

In the meantime, though, the lampshade came in from PB, so here is the finished lamp:

I like it.  And yes, that's a soup can holding pens and pencils in the background there.  Some things are purely utilitarian, and that's okay too.

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Miriam said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better - we've been on the same page with our backs this week. Argh! I'll keep my fingers crossed about your job interview - here's hoping you get good news soon! And the lamp looks fabulous!