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Monday, August 2, 2010

The Best Seed Tags For Free

Over the weekend I received yet another pitch from AARP, which I have no intention of joining.  This time instead of the plasticized paper cards, they sent plastic cards.  I recycled and shredded the accompanying documents, as appropriate, and set aside the plastic cards to deal with later. 

Then today, while casting about for something to use for tagging six packs, my eyes fell on the darn AARP cards.  Is the other side completely white? Yes! That makes them way better than old insurance cards, which tend to wilt when watered.  But way a second...does writing on them in pencil work? Yes! Can it be erased so that I could use them over again? Yes!  These are way, way better than anything else I've tried so far.

I imagine that any plastic card someone sends as part of a marketing campaign would probably work, as long as they're a light color on the reverse, and then you don't have so much plastic to dispose.

The best seed tags for free.  Next time the AARP mailing comes, I won't be so quick to growl at it.

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