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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Homesteading Bug

Ah, the homesteading bug.  Last year, when I was able to put up thirty-two half pints of salsa verde and a year's worth of tomato sauce for pizza, Steve 'got it'.  He finally understood what I've been trying to do.  I think he got it a little more when he started brewing his own beer and growing his own hops, although the hops have not turned out to be quite the gateway plant that I was hoping them to be so that I could get him sucked into gardening as well. Maybe I should think about planting a stand of barley somewhere.

But if I had any doubts about the homesteading bug having bitten him, they were thoroughly quelled when we went down to visit his sister in the country off the Oregon coast this past weekend.  I think I mentioned that he's been splitting wood for the wood stove for this winter.  Lately, as we drive by homes that have large stacks of firewood outside, he drools audibly. 

"Ooh, nice!"  That sort of thing.

This last weekend we went to go visit one of his sister's neighbors about a half-mile away from her place, and while I was admiring his garden (there was not one hole in his cabbage and I'd like to know how he did it), Steve was off admiring Gary's stacks and stacks of firewood.

Bless his heart- he's in front of his computer now, looking for an electric chipper/shredder for my birthday.


Miriam said...

It's funny, what gets each of us fired up! I can completely relate to the stacked firewood thing: it speaks to me of crisp air, the smell of woodsmoke, wool sweaters and mittens, cosy nights spent by the glow of a fire, and the security of a whole winter's worth of warmth in orderly, stacked rows.

A chipper/shredder! Keep us posted! (That's a polite way of saying "Please do all the research for us and let us know what the best options are!)

Paula said...

Honestly, Miriam, the reviews were all mixed and not as stellar as I'd hoped for electric chipper/shredders, but we're determined to make all our gear electric and have no gas-powered anythings. So I sent Steve the links and left it to him to decide which is the best for what money with which he wants to part. If I know him, it will probably be the cheapest, but I will definitely keep you posted.

Jennifer Montero said...

I get wood pile envy all the time. I'm also obsessed with nice fencing, and a thick weed-free sward in a field.

The only way I know to keep cabbages hole-free is by covering them with very fine mesh netting all though the growing season. If it makes you feel any better, my cabbages look like lace work (I forgot to cover them).