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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Red Wing Blackbirds at the Nike Community Garden

Since Friday, I have been working on the rain garden at the Nike Community Garden, which is up and across the street from Nike World Head Quarters in Beaverton.  We're not sure about this, but we think that this might be the first corporate-sponsored community garden in the U.S.  It sits at the edge of a large field, which is across the street from another large field, and the two are otherwise surrounded by industrial type enterprises and businesses.  The fields both have occasional trees in them- several pines and oaks.  Unfortunately, all the pines are showing signs of some type of stress- I can't tell for sure, but it makes me think that perhaps they are suffering from pine beetle attacks.

The Nike Community Garden really is something, though- I love it.  There are regular stands of incredibly high corn and sunflowers, and a major portion of the plots have lovely tomatoes, which is something to see at the end of this crazy cool summer we've had.  A couple of the plots have lovely, rustic wood arbors built over them to hold various things up- the most picturesque I've seen so far had gourds growing all over it.

The biggest boon to me from working here has been the red wing blackbirds.  There are three large sunflowers on short stalks in a plot box fairly near the work site.  Saturday, there were three crows helping themselves to the sunflower seeds.  Today it was a couple of red wing blackbirds.  Red wing blackbirds have a fairly distinctive sound, which for some reason, I really love.

You could still hear them over all the noisy starlings hanging out in the oak tree in front of the garden.

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