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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's The Buzz?

The buzz is I put down my deposit for a package of Italian honeybees for next spring!!  I'm getting them from Ruhl Bee Supply in Gladstone, which is just around the corner from me.  They do online sales, but they really suggest that for the bees' sake, folks should try to find bee suppliers close enough to home so that they can go get them.  I have to finish paying for the bees by the end of January, although Ruhl won't even set the final price until early next year.  But I have my dibs on a package, and that is pretty exciting to me!

I had to convince Steve that I'll have the top bar hive that I plan to make built in time for the bees.  I'm not worried about this, because I have the plans from here, and it's pretty simple carpentry, well within my range of ability.  Absolutely not a problem, and I have until April of next year.  The plans are free as a PDF, which is what I did.  When I get ready to build, I'll print them and get started.

So next year's bees are on their way!  Chickens and ducks are also in the plans, but they'll take more planning, and a LOT more money.  One thing at a time.

But Woo Hoo! Bees!


Amy said...

We got ours from Ruhl too. Actually I think chickens and ducks are far less expensive. Here's what they will look like:

Grandpa said...

Whoa, Paula, so you do bees too! Love to have some of them to pollinate my durians...

Miriam said...

That's so exciting! If bees don't count as livestock I think they should. We have a local beekeepers club here whose members share big equipment like extractors, as well as advice and experience. Is there something like that where you are?

Miriam said...

Me you know the blog She has been trying out bees this year - you may want to have a look.

becky3086 said...

Good for you! I would like to try bees but just don't know enough about them yet.

Tamar@StarvingofftheLand said...

Woo Hoo!

That's outstanding news. Bees are incredibly interesting, and I'm looking forward to your reports of the top bar hive. We bit the bullet and shelled out for two standard-issue hives, and it set us back about $400. A successful DIY alternative is a great thing.


Paula said...

Amy- I have a feeling that you are right about the cost of the bees compared to the cost of the chickens and ducks- I was speaking more of total outlay for the project. The housing for the bees will be a lot cheaper than the housing for the chickens, not to mention the feed I'll have to buy for the birds, compared to planting a few seeds and plants for the bees!

If you want bees, Grandpa, get some! The biggest reason I want bees is pollination- the next reason is to help out- they say that the more bees that are kept, the greater their chances for survival. Honey is the last reason.

Miriam- they may have something like the org you describe, but I'm not aware of it. I think Portland probably has one, but not my town. I had run across Kate's blog before in others' comments, but went to go check her out today; she seems to think and do a lot along the same lines as me, so I added her to my blog roll. Thanks for the suggestion.

I will definitely report on my top bar hive, and include pictures of its construction, as well as report on the bees. Getting bees is a big goal of mine and I'm stoked about getting them ordered!

Toni aka irishlas said...

Wow! Congrats! I can't wait to read all about this adventure!

We had a beekeep interested in putting sattelite hives in our meadow. He came out and looked at the site and said it was perfect, but, he still hasn't made his mind up. It would have been a perfect set up for me as for he would still be the care taker. All I had to do was give hime a place to put the hives. Oh well, maybe someone is looking out for me since I am an epi pen kind of gal!

I'm happy for you be able to take the next step towards your dream.