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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Could Be A Whatereverarian

So Steve and I are kicking around the idea of not ordering a quarter beef this year.  We're enjoying what we have left of last year's beef, but we think we're more pork and chicken people.  We're also knocking around the idea of eating more as vegetarians, not that we would eschew meat altogether.  I do enjoy an occasional steak, and would hate to lose my touch cooking one, now that I know how to grill one perfectly.

No, we're thinking about ordering a hog, but we're not sure we can handle a whole one, frankly.  And most pasture-raised pork outfits don't deal in half-hogs.  I will research that, but we're really committed to trying to eat only pastured animals.  The local grocery store is finally carrying pastured eggs (okay- eggs from pastured hens, is that better?), and they are, no lie, pretty darned expensive. We were paying $5.99 a dozen at one store, but the store closer to home has them for $5.39 a dozen.  That's about what we pay for them at the farmers market, so we're okay with doing it.  I think that once I get our chickens all together, it will be have to be cheaper to have eggs from home.  Maybe not for regular grocery store eggs, but I can probably do better than $5.39 a dozen at home.  If I can't, at least I'll be sure they're pretty darn fresh!

We're also talking about still buying the occasional steak at the farmers market.  I really prefer to grill them anyway, and they're available in the summer so, that would really be seasonal eating. But eating more in the way of vegetables would still be a good thing to do. It would make our grocery bill cheaper and would probably go a long way to keeping us healthier.

I could be mostly a vegetarian.

As long as I could still have bacon and cheese.


Rae said...

Definitely can't give up bacon and cheese. Have you ever tried vegan cheese? Blech! Nasty nasty stuff. I had a roommate that was a vegan.
More power to her, but it made making dinner interesting. At least she wasn't vegan AND an "animals are people too" believer. We got along well, and she had no problem with me enjoying a nice juicy rare steak... as long as it didn't touch her cutting board. :)

Maybe next year, as this year is an experiment, we'll have home raised pork to offer! :)

Paula said...

I haven't even been tempted to try vegan cheese. When my vegetarian sister and by default, vegetarian mother were coming for a visit last fall, I mentioned to Steve that we would be eating as vegetarians for as long as they were here- I would make him his regular breakfasts of course, because he was working. He said that we could handle vegetarians just fine, but that vegans were on their own....