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Friday, April 29, 2011

Husbandly Duties, Prince William, and Tom Petty

My husband takes some of his husbandly duties seriously and some not so much.

His role as Lord Protector is one of those not so much ones.  The night before last I checked the perimeter, which is his job as the great big silverback of our small band, and found the front door completely unlocked and slightly ajar at eleven o'clock at night.  He was already in bed.  Some Lord Protector.

He's very good at getting stuff down for me or picking up the heavy stuff, but he doesn't miss a chance to say something along the lines of, "oh, I need a big, strong man to pick up this heavy box because I am just too weak," or, "I'm too small to reach it," in mincing tones.  It makes me want to hit him, but I know he likes the fact that I need him because he's bigger and stronger than I am.

But his role as court jester he takes very seriously and is probably the major trait of his that lead me to marry him.  If I'm grumpy he always keeps at doing or saying something silly and then when I smile or laugh he says, "there it is!"  Sometimes he's just funny.  This morning he said, "guess what song I have stuck in my head?"

To which I reply, "Don't tell me!  Because your MO is to tell me the song so that it gets stuck in my head and is no longer in your head because you've passed it on.  Don't tell me!"

So later in the morning he decides to do it as a joke.

"I wonder if Prince William is thinking about Tom Petty today," he muses while getting himself a snack of sunflower seeds, casually throwing down the seeds.

I confess I walked right into it.  "Why is that?" I query.

"Oh my, my. Oh hell yes. Darlin' put on that wedding dress!" he answers, passing on the song and making me laugh.  He grins at me, pleased with himself.

My groom amuses me.


Rae said...

Sneaky sneaky. And thanks. Now it's in my head... :)

jules said...

Now, that's just too funny!

My wv is singsta. Is that like gangsta only a musical?

Paula said...

Fortunately it's a great tune, though.

Paula said...

Ya got me, Jules- I don't know what a wv is....

Diane said...

Ear worms! I once read about a cure and it works: hum "The Girl from Ipanema" without thinking the words. The last is very important because if you think the words then that song becomes the new ear worm and I have no cure for that.

Mary said...

Just found your blog, and what a great way to be introduced to you and your Lord Protector. Fantastic, and like the others, that song is now stuck in my head. Thanks, I love The Heartbreakers!

Miriam said...

I think it's a good thing I don't know that song, or it would be running around my head, too...

Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

The door thing makes me laugh. My hubby is famous for saying things like "Are you done in here?" if I leave the light on in a room I've stepped away from. However, if he leave's the light on, it's a whole 'nother tune. And my guy "thinks' he is funny, which is a whole 'nother thing than actually being funny.

Paula said...

I will keep that in mind, Diane- plus I love that song!

Welcome aboard, Mary! I love Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers too. Maybe someday my Lord Protector will take me to see them. Maybe someday. I hope I'm not too old for that kind of thing anymore; it's been awhile.

Last Dance With Mary Jane is a really catchy song, Miriam. To see the original music video, go here: Then you'll know why it gets stuck!!

Sorry about that Ruth. I'm sure that sometimes he's funny, though, right?

Danny said...

Isn't it great that you make each other laugh, Paula?
Fiona and I have that too. It's one of the big things that cements us together.
As a Lord Protector, I have a different take on things of course. She is my Princess (Prinny) and when she goes a little OTT on demands, I explain that she is exhibiting EPB.
(Extremee Prinny Behaviour)