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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hard Flour The Hard Way

Hard won flour

This is a little over six cups of hand ground flour. We did not grind it on the finest setting because as coarse a flour as this is, it was a bitch to get ground.

Let me be perfectly clear it was not the fault of the mill! Although I can see why people take advantage of the belt capability of the fly wheel, thigh muscles being what they are and all.

No, it was the fault of my... what's the word I want? Ambitious? Overly optimistic? for a platform for the mill.  When the manufacturer says that you need to bolt it down for optimal use, they mean to bolt it down to something heavy.  Something heavy, like, oh say, the Rock of Gibraltar.

I like this one 'cause it's groovy *
Seriously, guys, I screwed up. Our cheap IKEA island that doesn't have a solid piece of wood in it is not going to do the job.  If I had a nice, heavy Boos island like the one to the right here, I would drill baby, drill four five-sixteenths holes in it in a red hot heart beat and bolt that sucker to it, but I don't own a two thousand dollar kitchen island to screw up. (Come to think of it, if I remember correctly, all my new kitchen cabinets came to around that.)

So I think what we're going to do is have me make a really heavy kitchen table (somewhere in the future) and bolt it to the kitchen table.  Because it really needs to hold the hell still while you grind your grain. Hold. Still.

The next three pizzas are going to taste really, really good.

They'd better.

* photo from here


Rae said...

Three paragraphs in, and I was thinking, "Paula's gonna end up building herself a table...". :)

Paula said...

Ah, you know me well Rae.

Jennifer Montero said...

My sister made a brilliant faux Corian countertop by building a former out of wood and pouring coloured concrete in it, with thick bolts set in the wet concrete. When it dreed, she tipped it over, broke off the wood former, and set it on thick heavy legs. Man that sucker was strong. Maybe that process would adapt for building a mounting block for the flour mill?