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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Truth About Chickens

I cleaned the brooder late yesterday afternoon. Actually, I think it was officially evening by the time I got to it.

I'm sitting all the way in the living room at 7:00 PM and I can smell the chickens. PHEW!

Holy God, I've gotta get this coop done.  I think we might get it up tomorrow.

But I've got to get it done.

Today was all about building the pop hole on the west side of the coop, and framing the doors on the east side of the coop.  But I think we can start putting it up.

By the way, the truth about chickens?

They're really merely aggressive little dinosaurs.

Stinky, aggressive, little dinosaurs.

Good thing I loves eggs.


Prof. J. S. Greyshade said...

Stinky agressive dinosaurs that crap on your poop on your patio furniture and peck the crap out of everything in your yard. I'm finishing my run this weekend damn it. No more free range crap.

Miriam said...

There are certain situations that make me glad my sinuses are usually too clogged for me to be able to smell anything: visiting an outhouse, someone in the neighbourhood tarring their roof, and overgrown chicks cooped up in the bathroom! Yes, apparently they smell, but I have been oblivious...

Dinosaurs - too true! Especially their feet.

Rae said...

Lol. I just read this post to LJ, and he chuckled, saying, "I can remember how many times WE complained to each other, 'We have GOT to finish the coop!'" Lol!

becky3086 said...

I've got something for my agressive ones ;)

Paula said...

Good for you, Professor! Yeah, free range was never in the plans. I do want to use them for weed eradication, but have to figure out how I'm going to enclose them where I want them. They do seem to crap everywhere.

Paula said...

Actually, Miriam, with as sensitive a nose as I have, I wouldn't mind being a little more olfactorily challenged- lucky you, in this instance.

I think they're more dinosaury looking (that's the second new word I've coined in this comment) around the eyes and beak area, to say nothing of their combs and wattles.

I doubt seriously mankind would have learned to mess with them had they been bigger than they are. I mean, can you imagine rearing chickens if they were the size of say, a German Shepherd? Or, hell, an ostrich?

Paula said...

And you know what, Rae? Today was spent doing things other things, like buying hardware, and moving the mill to the garage, and buying more chick feed, so I didn't spend any time on the coop today. None.