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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Riders of Rohen

Another pun. Sorry, I couldn't resist it.  I may just lose readers over my unabashed love of puns.

Anyway, the girls are not taking to the ramp, so I will fix it just as soon as I can.  Tonight I had an easier time of luring them where I could grab them because I used their favorite treat: a ladle full of milk.  Vivian was the first to go, because she's the hardest to grab, and I pulled her tail (again) because she's just that fast but not quite fast enough.  Violet and Ethel basically allowed themselves to be caught (although they squawked indignantly), and although I held the ladle for them again through the pop hole, they were not as interested as before.  I think they're mad at me. Vivan especially.

This new job appears to be a good one, but I'm going to be working hard. However, I'm sure I'll learn a ton.  What will be of the most interest to me is to see how well I'll continue to do this homesteading thing with a full time gig, like everybody else does.  Tonight after getting home about a quarter after six, I made dinner, grubbed up and cleaned the garage so Steve could put the car away, as promised. Then I hilled up a couple of the potato plants with the rest of the pine shavings I had on hand, and finally got around to planting the remaining tomato starts, which are a foot tall and sporting blossoms. They were pretty sorry looking by the time I got them planted, so we'll just see how they do.  Then I wrangled chickens, and by the time I was done, it was getting pretty dark.

But I have had a taste of a full day of work, and some homesteading work afterwards, and I think it'll be okay.

I just hope I'm not too busy to think up more puns.

*okay, for those of you not into Tolkien, Hensdeep is a pun on Helmsdeep, which was the fortress that the Riders of Rohan built for themselves, to which the ROR, the elves, and the hobbits repaired to fight off the Orcs, and the Wild Men.  The Riders of Rohen is a pun on The Riders of Rohan.  I should probably be ashamed of myself but I'm not.


click clack gorilla said...

As long as the puns have something to do with Lord of the Rings, then keep 'em coming! :)

Miriam said...

Congratulations on your first day of work/homesteading! As far as your chicken wrangling goes, I know from watching Kim that it seems to take a bit of time and scratch (or in your case, milk) to train them to a routine, but once they have it they are pretty reliable. So it won't be long before they're trotting up that ramp like nobody's business.

Oxray Farm said...

The ramp looks good from the pictures in the previous post. Maybe add a few more cross steps so they aren't that far away. But even then you will have to teach them how to walk up the ramp. I have with every new set of chickens... they just don't get how to walk it. I put them half way up the ramp and crowd them so they can't jump off, then wait, sometimes they need a nuge in the butt but mostly they start walking. It's taken around a week for all the girls to "get" it.

I had to teach the girls I have now how to roost, they were raised on a dirt floor with no access to a roost so they never learned. Ugh!

By the way I thought the Hensdeep pun was awesome!

Rae said...

Shouldn't be ashamed at all! :) I'm actually kinda sad that people don't understand, as the Tolkien books are fantastic. I encourage people to read them at least once. I may have to get them down off the shelf... It's been awhile. LJ just read The Hobbit for the first time a couple months ago. Now I need to get him to read the others.

Glad to hear that you're stoked about the new job. It's a bit exhausting to come home to animals after a full day of work, but extra rewarding all the same.

Anonymous said...

..I loved the name..and the movie. I cannot wait for the Hobbit. Finding balance is not always the easiest when working full helps to slow all projects down and makes avoiding work that much easier. I know what you mean about finishing coops..I planned to finish mine last May and it was not done until August! anthing else in live it always takes longer the first time

Holly House said...

Congrats again on the new job! I thought hensdeep was a LOTR pun, but I didn't want to expose the depth of my nerdom and ask lol.

Hazel said...

I don't think you should be ashamed of yourself at all! 'Hensdeep' made me chuckle all day!

Say hello to your niece for me- there aren't that many Hazels in England- is it more common in the US?

Jasmine said...

never be ashamed of a good pun :-)

...and yes, I "got" it the first time around :-)

Diane said...

The puns went right over my head. It has been too many years, okay decades, since I read Tolkien. I was mainly concerned that new job plus homesteading would mean no blogging and I rely on yours to cheer me up after reading the news.

Rachel said...

That explains why nothing came up when I googled Hensdeep! Glad to hear the first day of work went well.

Aila said...

I actually stick around to read your blog because of your LotR puns! Keep them coming! (^: