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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Homesteading Update 14 June 2012

No, I haven't been idle.  Far from it.

Work takes up most of my time, and is promising to take up more, but what do you do?

Finish the sauerkraut and put it (raw) in the fridge.  This should last until next fall when it will be cool enough to ferment some more sauerkraut.  This turned out so much better than last year's that I have to attribute it to the cooler weather.  Well, maybe the Fermentation King had something to do with its success.

You also get the cucumber and green bean seeds into the ground.  The cukes are up; I expect the beans to be up over the weekend because they are just starting to break the soil surface.

The corn went in and it has still to come up.

This year I expect to have a bumper crop of boysenberries.  I'm not sure if this picture conveys how incredibly covered with flowers and berries, and flower buds coming up still.

This weekend is going to be partly cloudy and warm, so perfect for spending the whole weekend in the garden.  And I have lots of stuff to get into the ground.  However, the Gardening by the Moon section of the Farmer's Almanac says that the fourteenth and fifteenth are barren days, but that the sixteenth and seventeenth are good days for planting root crops, which is just fine, since it's time for planting winter stuff.  Need to get carrots and more parsnips in.  It's also good for getting transplants in, which is also good because it's high time to get the tomatoes moved.  I'm not willing to turn over the peppers and eggplants yet, because of the slugs, but soon.

The kale and cabbages I carefully seeded were pretty well massacred by cabbage worms while we were in Puyallup, so I'll try putting them in but I don't have a lot of hope for kale or cabbage this summer. But I'll work at getting winter coles in later, like on the twentieth and twenty-first.  I don't even  know if that's a weekend or not, but it's the right time for any above ground crops.

In the meantime, I'm praying for Syrian patriots.


Miriam said...

Speaking of homesteading (and it all looks so great! - well, except for the cabbage worms...) how are you liking the laundry soap you made a while ago?

Paula said...

Well my friend Amanda said in one comment that it ruins front loading machines. And while I thought perhaps that was another urban myth, I have noticed a film on the door.

So I'm using a little less, and not putting it in the dispenser, but I'm pouring it in on the clothes intead.

It does seem to be cleaning just fine; we'll just have to see what happens with my machine!

Leigh said...

Wow, you have been busy. Moths of any type of so destructive. You've got me hankering for some homemade sauerkraut! No garden cabbage, so I'd have to buy some.