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Thursday, September 27, 2012


German Queen
So I haven't posted about the forty-one pints of tuna we canned last weekend, or the fact that I've made zero progress on the chicken yard (much to my frustration), or that I'm getting kale (finally!!) from the garden because I've been working ridiculously long hours at work for the past several weeks, but it hasn't all been for naught.

I got a pretty good raise today.

And, I'm finally making half what my husband is.

But then, he's the breadwinner.

I'm just the gravymaker.

* and I'm going to try to get you all caught up after this weekend, hopefully after I've made some serious progress on my chicken yard.  I need to get my chickens.


Miriam said...

Congratulations! On the raise AND the tomato! My tomatoes were a bust this year - not much fruit and what I got didn't ripen - so I'm looking at yours and drooling, with visions of toasted BLTs running through my mind!

Amy L. said...

We *love* home canned tuna! Did you buy from the docks in Westport, or did you guys catch it? (DH went two years ago on our boat and I was annoyed by the time commitment...two days fishing, then a full 8-hour day at home preparing the filets, and then the canning process. But man, it was SO good!!)

Paula said...
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Paula said...

Thanks Miriam! That tomato made an awesome sandwich- I ate it in the break room standing up dripping tomato juice into a plate. God it was good. Don't waste tomatoes that don't ripen , though. Fried green tomatoes are wonderful with bacon and goat cheese!

I love home canned tuna too, Amy. My SIL's friend bought it off the dock in Newport. It was a lot more expensive than commercial tuna, but we know it was caught responsibly and we helped keep an independent fisherman working, and now I don't have to eke out precious tuna anymore because I have a bunch! Why it's better than commercial tuna, I don't know, but it sure is.