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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Progress on the Chicken Run

No, this isn't der Stalag.  Es der Huehnerhoff.  I worked on it all weekend (the door is what took most of time) and I'm still not done, but I still made enough progress that I think that if I work on it every night when I get home from work I could have it done next weekend.

The only problem is, I'm pretty well wrung-out by the time I get home from work.

In case you're wondering, the welded wire is out from the bottom about two feet to discourage diggers from getting under it.  The wire will be buried, and the idea is that anything trying to dig under will just be met with more wire and will eventually give up.

I still have to put the large wire up in the back, and then I'm going clad the bottom again with the smaller welded wire with which I made the coop run.  Raccoons have been known to reach through fencing to strangle chickens, so I'm making sure that doesn't happen.

I also need to wire the top, to keep out said raccoons but also to keep out hawks, now that I know they'll fly into the yard.

It's taking awhile, but I'm getting there.


Lyssa said...

You will definitely not regret your work to build it sturdy! Having a racoon make off with a good layer always sucks, and they never seem to take cockerels, bad-tempered birds, or poor layers somehow.

Miriam said...

There's another way I can tell you and Kim are astrological twins: you always, always do things right! Your chickens are going to be safe and happy. When do they arrive?

Paula said...

The only thing I regret is not being strong enough to really stretch the wire tight, so some of it looks like butt, but I'm making up for appearances by making it as secure as I possibly can.

The arrival date of the chickens is up in the air based on when I'm ready for them, but I know Rae is anxious to get them to me so I'm working on it. Tonight I put up half the wire on the back fence. By myself, which was kind of hard, but I did it! But that was it- all I had energy for.

Rae said...

Don't stress yourself too much. My only real chicken concern is getting our roos butchered soon. They're starting to fight over the ladies.

Btw, the top will also be to keep the ladies IN. One of your future gals (lovely black feathers with green shimmers) roosts in a little hemlock EVERY night. So, we have to go catch her every night. I do warn you, though... as much as that girl is a pita, LJ is getting fond of her... I keep telling him that she isn't his chicken (as he pulls her down and then proceeds to cradle her and tell her what a pretty girl she is... He's such a sucker). Lol.