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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just In Time: Cheap and Effective Greenhouse

Need a greenhouse but can't afford one?  Take a look at this link from the good ol' Oregon State University Extension Service.

I'm thinking I should have one or two of these in place by next spring.  Maybe even this fall for lettuces.

Not that I have a dearth of other projects to get done or anything....


Miriam said...

We just did something similar on one of our existing beds. Similar, but inferior in many regards! So thanks for the link - we'll definitely use it as a model for the next bed.

Miriam said...

Me again! My sister sent me this link, which might also fit under the "cheap and effective" category!

jules said...

We do something similar with our greens beds in the winter, such as it is down here. We have a stand of clumping bamboo, so we cut sticks and bend them over our bed, which is only about 4 feet wide. We have a roll of contractor plastic and it's just wide enough to go over the bamboo and hang about one foot on each side. We cut it to length, and when it's below 50°, we pull it over the bamboo and hold it down with whatever is handy. In the mornings, we open it up, or just the ends if it is a cloudy, chilly day.

I want to keep the bamboo. It may become a casualty of the deck. :o/