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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Climbing Stories

Today we closed the windows on the coop.  Part of that is because the nights are starting to get chilly and part of it is because Lola, who is last in pecking order so the other girls won't let her roost with them, has been roosting on the top of the larger window, which means she's crapping all over it. I had to clear everything out of the coop, climb up into the coop, unchain the window so I could tilt it into the coop, and reach over the roosts to scrape bird poop out of the window frame with a joint knife before I could close the window.  Between this and climbing all over the enclosure roof last weekend, I am finding muscles I haven't used in fifty years. For real. Like the last time I used them I was five.  I'm not kidding; I used to climb onto the kitchen counters to get into the upper cupboards where the good stuff was.  I was bad.  I got my comeuppance though.  One time I'd opened a lower cupboard door to climb up the shelves to the counter and got up there and promptly lost my balance and fell off, landing squarely with the open cupboard door up my crotch.  I'd loosened the top hinge on the door and nearly gave myself a female circumcision in the process. Luckily my dad was the next person into the kitchen- he felt sorry for me and fixed the cupboard door while I whimpered.  My mom would have just killed me.

I mentioned before I've been working on re-roofing the enclosure and managed to get most of it up before a couple days of rain only to find that the tarps didn't fair so well over the year and they're full of holes, a lot more holes than I put in them.  They have to be replaced, so I ordered three each eighteen-ounce vinyl tarps which are the minimum weight I could use for a roof and expect it to hold up.  They are supposed to be waterproof but also abrasion and UV resistant, which should help them last longer. Or so I hope.  They are a lot more expensive than the polypropylene tarps. A lot more.  Anyway, the amazing thing is that I got up on the roof in the first place! Granted, it's not as high as say, the roof on the house, but it was more than I expected to be able to do.  I surprised myself.

You'd think I'd learned not to climb up on stuff.

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jules said...

Hey Paula! I read another blogger from Idaho who gets old billboard signs from billboard companies and uses those for tarps. Out there, they are free or nearly. Maybe something to check out in your area. Might be good info to have in your toolbox.