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Monday, November 23, 2009

Bats, Books, and Daybeds

This is the corner of the living room in which I write my blog, which I haven't been good about for the last couple of days, I know.  I haven't had much to write about, so I haven't, but I know how I feel about blogs that don't get updated frequently.  They get crossed off the list. So here I am, with a musing more than an update.

That bookcase and daybed that you see were made by yours truly.  It was the first time I ever worked with plywood and was probably also the last.  I used a nice birch veneered plywood- I could have purchased an oak veneer, but I only like oak if it's centuries old, and the oak-veneered plywood was incredibly dear and not worth the extra expense.  I think everything turned out okay, but I'm not sure that I have all that sawing left in me for another project.  It took a lot of sawing, let me tell you.  At any rate, now I have this great big bookcase in the living room, and I can't fill it with the books I currently own, which is great! Because I love going to the bookstore!  Back in Florida, there was a really great used bookstore in town called Chamblin's Bookmine, and I loved bringing visiting family to it because we all love used books. Used books for Christmas presents are way okay with us.    I also now have a wonderful daybed with quite possibly the most comfortable mattress I've ever experienced.  I have another daybed across the living room, and they are both sporting the same mattress, which were actually manufactured by a small mattress company locally- just a town or two away.  That just turned out to be a lucky break for us.  Steve and I try to stick to local everything- we can't always, of course (the stupid plywood for the bookcase was made in stupid China, for instance), but we do try.  So we were glad that the daybed mattresses were manufactured locally.  That they turned out to be incredibly comfortable was just lucky.  We're thinking about replacing our very expensive Stearns and Foster king-sized bed for one of these in a queen once our mattress finally wears out.  Oh yes, we're going to downsize the bed eventually.  It turns out that the king is really too large- we're snugglers, so there's a lot of wasted real estate in that bed that would be put to better use floorspace-wise doing something else.  I guess it's a good thing that we don't have a proper bed and just have the frame that came with the mattress and box spring set, a situation I've been lamenting for the last eight years. Well, since we got married eight years ago, that is.  At any rate, I have a bunch of French army blankets that I purchased from an army-navy surplus store out of which I'll sew proper mattress and pillow covers.  They are a really lovely dark grayish-brown, and I purchased them because of the color.  It turns out that the weave is pretty gorgeous too- almost like a heavy wool crepe.  They ought to be really pretty when I'm done, but I need to get lessons on my new sewing machine so I can use it.  My thirty-some-odd year old Singer bit the dust past repair right before the blankets showed up.

Speaking of married, you may be able to see a card stuck in between the books in the lower right-hand corner of the picture.  That is the housewarming card that Steve gave me while we were still dating, and it was given to me on the occasion of the installation of my bat house up in one of my oak trees by my arborist neighbor, who took advantage of his tree climbing gear to get way up in the tree and affix the bat house to it.  I was very excited to finally get that house up in the tree because I dearly love bats, and Steve very sweetly bought me a housewarming card for it.  I casually mentioned what he did to the girls at work the next morning and one of them exclaimed, "oh you have to marry that man!", which turned out to be very sage, indeed, because it turned out that I did have to marry that man.  The house and bat house are still in Florida, but the man and I are in Oregon now.  I'm still on the lookout for bats on warm evening walks though.

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