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Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday is Laundry Day

So Monday is laundry day, and has been historically.  I used to let Steve do it, but two things happened:  I got laid off and didn't think it was fair that he still had to do this, since I have the time now, and I finally decided that I didn't like the way he did it.  At any rate, doing the laundry got to be more fun once we got the clothesline (picture below), believe it or not.  There is something more relaxing about hanging wash on a line than chucking it into a clothes dryer, setting it, and dashing off to go do some other chore.  I guess that because hanging the wash does take more time, you have to slow your pace a bit.  Then there is the fresh air and breeze, and my favorite- birdsong- that happens while you're out there.

How do you like my clothespin bag?
Made it myself, I did.

Another obvious benefit is the lowered electrical bill.  That, and not heating up the house with the dryer when you don't have an air conditioner and it's perfectly hot outside.  The difference in the electrical bill became pretty clear when this last one was a little over ten dollars more than the previous.  Let's face it, ten dollars buys a lot of beer, especially when stretched out by making your own.  I decided that if there was any heat at all, even just warmth, coming from the back side of our new wood stove insert that we had installed in the two-sided fireplace we have between the living room and the kitchen, I was getting a proper British clothes airer, which I did, directly from the manufacturer in Wolverhampton, UK.   I figured out that even with the exchange rate involved, it would be less expensive than purchasing it State-side, and it was; I saved nearly fifty dollars ordering it from the UK.  Here it is, hard at work:

Now, I have to admit- it doesn't hold much at a time. They (Cast in Style) have ones with more slats, but I didn't want it sticking out into the kitchen.  Consequently, I can't get much on it at a clip, so I have to do it in batches, and then they go half-dry into the dryer in the laundry room.  But this works well, because our dryer has a dryness sensor, so even if I set it for the usual time for a mixed load (thirty-four minutes), once the clothes come to the right temperate, the dryer senses how much longer it will take for the clothes to be dry and it adjusts the time down automatically.  So we still save money.

And saving money's the name of the game right now.

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Dani said...

Have you tried hanging clothes on hangers and hooking the hangers onto the clothes airer - similar to what I do here ( - scroll down to the first photo and the blurb alongside gives the info) using the heat from our fridge and freezer to dry the clothing over a day or two.