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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bits and Pieces and a Hat to Boot

First Hat

Well, I finished it, but I'm not 100 percent happy with it.  I did learn a lot making it though!  I've already started the next one, but am knitting crown-down instead of brim-up.  This one doesn't quite fit Steve's big cabbage either, even though I measured both his head and the hat.  So I'll wear this one and make him a better one.

It is cold- this morning was 14, which for the Portland metro area is pretty darn cold.  It's super-dry as well.  Today we are having a ton, AKA a pallet, of Bear Mountain bricks delivered to stretch the firewood, through which we are blowing like there's no tomorrow.  I have a stash set aside for power failures, because if we ran out of wood, really, we can turn on our gas furnace.  But during a power failure that's not an option because it runs on electricity. Burns gas, but runs on electricity. So no heat in a power failure.  We're supposed to get freezing rain this weekend, so we'll see.   In the meantime, I have to suit up and go clean and rearrange the garage so we can fit a pallet of bricks in there.

I also want to move the workbench under the window in the garage, and rehang a couple of fluorescent lights that are out there, with the intention of starting seeds on it. I find that I am more comfortable working wood on my sawhorses, which are a better height for me than the bench, which is darn hard to lean over and grab a tool from the hanging cupboard.  I was pretty stoked when we bought the place that the workbenches and tool storage were staying, but they don't exactly fit me. I am, how you say, vertically challenged.  So the bench may as well be a seed starting table. Which reminds me that I need to get my crop schedule done.

This week has so far been spent researching unemployment insurance, and finding out that just looking on Craigslist for a job doesn't count.  I have to apply or send my resume and talk to somebody, which is really hard when what I do is kind of specialized, and there's not a lot of call for it. Plus-  most of the jobs listed are for management, and I am seriously unqualified for them. They want six years' experience, I have three.  They want a college degree, and I don't have one of those.  I learned from one place I worked that my lack of degree didn't really matter because I could out-think and out-write most of the folks I worked with, most, if not all of whom had degrees.  But employers want to see the sheepskin, and I can't produce one. And would never in a million years lie about it, either.  However, something will turn up- it always does.

But now to the kitchen, and then to the garage!  And I know exactly which hat to wear, even if I don't have a sheepskin.


Jenn said...

14 degrees! I guess I will have to stay down here - in Florida. Brrrr. Cute hat.

Paula said...

thank you!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I know a number of people who don't have degrees who have successfully climbed that ladder to the "upper echelons" of job placement. I really believe some companies around here aren't that concerned about that piece of paper anymore and recognize the value of self-taught and perseverence. Hang in there - you're right, something WILL come up.

Our lowest out here in the boonies was 8 degrees. Makes taking care of animals a real challenge. This weekend should be interesting, huh? Take care.

Zitrone said...

Great job on the hat! I envy your talent. I am a knitter as well (check my blog) and have had my ups and downs as farmgirl_dk can attest... It is so gratifying, though, and helps me keep my mind off some things.

You are putting in the effort and the job will find you. Remain open and positive, and it will happen when the time is right. I also know a number of people who don't have degrees but are definitely successful. Good luck!