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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Me

Before I start digging a garden, I try to have a plan worked out so that I don't have to move anything.

This is the first plan.   It was pretty ambitious, and it included potato barrels and a large space for raising grain.   Then we started the new diet, which doesn't include potatoes or grain.  So back to the drawing board.

This is the interim plan, although you can see at the top that I labeled it 'final'.   Hah!  It was close, but from looking at the yard where the raspberries were going to go, I decided that I didn't like it, and also that I wanted to put the almonds in there.  Then when the raspberries showed up, I decided I'd better look up how much room they need, and it turned out that the new place for the raspberries wasn't going to be big enough, and the spot against the fence where I'd planned the asparagus would be better for them. The spot where I'd planned the raspberries would be good for the asparagus though.  So- back to the drawing board again.

The drawing board, and yes, that's a gin martini.
This time, I think I got it.

The only thing is, after all this, I think I'm going to have to move four of the apples away from their partners.   Good thing I left space for that.


Miriam said...

I know there is a whole lot of work involved in starting a garden from scratch - all that digging to do! But I think there must be something really exciting about being able to plan it and see it grow from the ground up (literally!) Sometimes I feel so impatient with some of what we have inherited at Mucky Boots - much of it is wonderful, but some of it (like why did they plant mint in EVERY perennial bed?!) causes us to scratch our heads and sigh. But I know it's easier than all that digging through clay.

I look forward to seeing pictures of your new garden in a couple of years that look as beautiful as the pictures of your Florida garden!

Cottage Smallholder said...

How exciting. I love seeing other people's garden plans - very inspiring.

Poor you battling with clay.