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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Answers and Inspirations

Sometimes, God answers my prayers so fast it's really amazing. 

Steve had received an 'attaboy' from his boss, which meant a $50 gift card of some sort.  He had to go to a website to see what was on offer, which didn't really sport any restaurants that are in our area, except The Chart House.  We went to their website and finally found a menu with prices on it, and quickly decided that going to The Chart House would cost us money in the long run.  This didn't appeal to us, so we opted for a little portable heater, which we were planning on buying anyway for Steve's office.  Not to heat the room for the whole day; just to warm it up in the morning until the wood stove's heat made it back there.  The UPS man delivered it yesterday afternoon, and I thought to myself, "great- we got that heater for free- now if we could just get our hands on some more free firewood."

Then much later, right as we were getting ready to go out to dinner, the door bell rings.  I was nowhere close to being able to answer the door; as it was, Steve had to put his pants on to get it, which he did.  Then I hear my neighbor Lisa say that they lost another tree and they heard that we heat with wood- did we want their wood? Because all we needed to do was come get it.   !!!   Just like that! And it wasn't even a real prayer; I just mentioned it kind of casually, and it was a matter of a just a few hours before He'd answered!  I'm pretty sure it's pine, but after spending the summer in our hot garage, it'll burn just fine this winter.

See, this is why I'm not worried about finding a job.  He'll find me something good when the time is right, and in the meantime, I'm building a garden.  Today I broke ground on the area for the Three Sisters.  This is all I got done today.  I found that I could actually get more done if I scooped out little shovel-shaped chunks in a fish scale pattern, rather than trying to keep the chunks square. Lots faster.

And then, even though I was tired, God gave me a flash of insight late in the day.  I was worrying about the paper bags holding my bone meal and rock phosphate that I got from The Urban Farm Store.  If the bags broke, there'd be fertilizer everywhere, and the rock phosphate is particularly dusty.  Then I spied the couple of half-gallon buttermilk cartons that I'd set aside for starting seeds and voila!

Doling it out will be a lot easier now, too!

How do I go through so much buttermilk? I drink it. Copiously. Can't get enough of it. Plus, the calcium is good for me.  Think I'll go have another glass right now.  Seriously.  I love the stuff.


Miriam said...

I understand the wonder that comes with putting a wish out into the universe and having it answered - it has happened to me, too!

Paula said...

It kind of makes me wish that I'd said, "great- we got that heater for free- now if we could just win the lottery...."