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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh, Hail NO!

Last weekend, because they were languishing on the bench in the garage, I planted the peppers and pickling cucumbers, with some trepidation.  It's really too early for them, especially since the weather has been cooler than normal for this time of year.

They've been doing okay- not really growing, but not continuing to languish either.  I had hope.

Then yesterday it started to hail. It hailed for about ten minutes solid, and at one point, it was really coming down.

I wasn't terribly worried about my cole crops, because they are pretty sturdy, but I was worried about my lettuces, and the peppers and cucumbers I'd just planted.  The lettuces did really well, surprisingly.  I only found one leaf that was torn.  But the cukes and peppers got shredded.

They're not completely pulverized, so I may pull them off anyway, but the ensuing hail sitting around them icily, and the subsequent low forties of the night was probably not good for them either.  I'm not giving up on them yet, though.

But now I have an idea of the heartache through which real farmers go, but on a much smaller scale.

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