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Friday, May 14, 2010

Garden Progress

Just some pictures of what's been happening in the garden lately....

First year asparagus
High Carotene canning tomatoes (a high acid heirloom,) storage onions, an eggplant and marigolds.  There's some basil in there as well, but are too small to see, and carrots interplanted with one of the sections of onions.

The big stuff in front are radishes almost ready; then teensy leeks to the left of them, onion seedlings just past them, brocolli rabe sprouts lining celeriac seeds, a single line of four Swiss chard plants, more carrots, and my new Walla Walla onion transplants.  You can say what you will about Vidalias, and I have had them when I lived in Florida, but up here in the PNW we have Walla Wallas, and they are something else.  The smell as I transplanted them was almost more than I could handle. I planted some over by the garlic and I think I'll let some of them go to seed...

Here are my pitiful peppers and pickling cukes.  I've lost one cuke and three peppers...the hangers-on are gamely making a comeback. I mulched them with some compost yesterday, and cover them at night, so they are doing better.  I learned a big lesson with these little guys...

This is my best bed.  Carrots in the lower right, then mixed storage onions, parsnips (yay! they germinated!) then more onions and the last of the broccoli rabe, then red cabbage, beets, more cabbage seedlings, then green cabbage, and last in the way back there celeriac.  We're having the last of the broccoli rabe today for lunch sauteed with some arugula over which I'll put a couple of poached eggs and some Paulandaise sauce.  Tonight is Pizza Night, so we keep lunch light on Fridays.

Here is the lettuce bed, covered with a burlap shade cloth. In the front of the bed I have salad cucumbers which are just breaking the soil.  The little seedlings to the left of the lettuces are radishes, and on the far left a couple of Burbank tomatoes, a slicing heirloom. Oh- and a marigold.

The garlic bed.  Mixed in there is a hodge podge of lettuce (I forget which kind) Lacinto kale, meslun mix, arugula, carrots, turnips, and an artichoke.

The Autumn Britten raspberries. Finishing their supports and wiring them up is on my list of things to do today, or at least this weekend.

The Rovada Red currant.  This was a seriously dead looking stick when I put it in the ground, but it is doing splendidly. You might even be able to see some racemes on the right side about the middle.

A close-up of Three Sisters, although there are only two showing at this time: corn and pumpkins.

My apple orchard. Hey- I'm just glad they all survived their butchering.  That's shredding off the sweet gum over cardboard for mulch.  I hope to do the rest of the yard next week. Hope. 

Charentais melon, a variety noted for ripening in cool weather.

Eight Ball zucchini.

Liberty melon from seed saved from a CSA melon from last year.

Patty pan squash, probably my favorite summer squash.  This one is Green Saucer.  The stick in the middle is a piece of apple pruning, and it's to hold up the bubble wrap with which I insulated the cucurbit beds.  I didn't have enough for all of them, which the next picture will illustrate.

This is the hapless honeydew, which did not get insulated.  Needless to say, the next time I run across a largish hunk of bubble wrap, I will be hanging on to it!

The herb box.

The strawberry box. Incidentally, I've learned the Achilles heel with this method of planting.  The concrete is so porous, the soil dries out pretty fast.  So I'm going to paint it with some Drylok  by UGL which I hope will do the trick.  The next time, I would paint the interior of the block before filling with soil.  I learn all the time.   How do I know about Drylok?  I used to sell it.

So now you know I haven't been idle all this time.  And now that it's nearly eleven in the morning, I really need to get out there and water! and do everything else on my list.....


Toni aka irishlas said...

Well, lady, that's pretty damn impressive!
My beds don't look nearly half as good as yours do.
BTW- I love the idea for the burlap shade cloth!
If all your zucchini take, your going to get a lot. I have a bunch of zucchini recipes if you get inundated with them and start running out of ways to use them. (Can you tell that I have planted too many in the past :-) )

Miriam said...

It's all looking just great! If you're anything like me you're focusing on what didn't quite go right, or what you'll do better next year - but I hope in the middle of all that you're also feeling a lot of satisfaction at seeing the wonderful results of all your hard work!