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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good Idea No. 1

This is my new salad spinner.  I broke the old salad spinner top, rendering it useless for spinning salad.  I still use the  basket for collecting lettuce leaves and washing them, but I needed a new salad spinner.  So I went shopping.  The cheapest I could find was twenty-five dollars, and I just don't feel like parting with twenty-five dollars for a bunch of plastic that I'll probably break somewhere down the road. Lehman's catalog has a stainless steel salad spinner for close to fifty dollars, and I feel less like parting with that much.

Enter the paint strainer bag.  Steve purchased a bunch of paint strainer bags from the local home improvement warehouse for his beer making.  He uses the large strainer bags for the grains, which come two to a pack for under five dollars.  He uses the small paint strainer bags for the hops, which come two to a pack for under four dollars.  I marked a large one for salad so that he doesn't grab it (and yes, I asked permission first!).  All I do is after I wash the lettuce by dunking it in a tub of water and straining it a couple of times, I put all the wet lettuce into the bag.  Then I go out on the deck and swing that baby 'round and 'round like David and his sling shot, and the centrifugal force takes out most of the water.  I'll fluff it up a little, and swing some more, and then I'm done.  It doesn't quite get it as dry as the salad spinners do, but it's a lot better than trying to towel dry it and I'm happy enough with the results for the price.

Necessity being the mother of invention and all....Happy Mother's Day!

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Miriam said...

Another great idea - what a fertile brain you have! I hate, absolutely hate, our salad spinner - only fractionally less than I hate washing and drying salad greens by hand. The salad spinner hurts my wrist to use, and it takes up way too much space and besides that it's a really ugly brown/beige colour. It's all enough that I think twice before starting to prepare a salad. So I'm going to try out your idea!