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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good Idea No. 2

Have you priced shade cloth lately? It's really ridiculously expensive!  I had a hunk of burlap in which a rug arrived and saved it. I didn't know what for at the time, but I've taken to saving things that look like they'll come in handy some day.  Burlap, it turns out, makes a perfect shade cloth because it doesn't exclude all the sun, just most of it.  I used some 50lb test fishing line that the previous owner left in the garage to string it up.  The white posts you see are bits and pieces of a plumbing project left by, you guessed it, the previous owner.  I just threaded the fishing line through the fittings on the tops of the pipes and threaded them through a corner of the burlap.  It worked out great and my only wish was that I had a larger piece of burlap.  The next time I am at the home improvement warehouse I'll check to see if they have those burlaps that landscapers use to haul away grass clippings and leaves.  Even if I have to shell out for them, they'll still be a lot less money than buying shade cloth would be.....

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