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Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Idea No. 3

I think I've mentioned before that the previous owner left a bunch of stuff in the backyard when he moved out, most, but not all of it garbage.  One group of items that he left were a bunch of tomato baskets, some of which he'd fashioned into half-assed mini greenhouses.  He'd bent the bottom prongs in, and covered them in plastic.  We didn't find them until Brian had removed all the arborvitae because Randy had stashed the baskets behind them.

The canning tomatoes (High Carotene- a high acid heirloom) have grown too big for their water jug cloches, so I fixed up the mini-greenhouses with some clear packing tape.  What they did not have were tops, so I fixed some of those with more of my own plastic and more packing tape.  Good thing I had the packing tape.

Anyway- I was worried about the wind blowing them over and them falling on the tomato next door or the onions, so I decided to see what could be done about it.  Remembering the bundles of apple tree prunings I had in the side yard, I first jammed them into the bed and then cut them so they'd be shorter than the greenhouse.  I looped them together with a rubber band.

Then I popped the greenhouse over the top.  Figuring that the wind might still blow them over, I doubled my insurance by sticking the remainders of the prunings into the soil to help hold them down.  They felt pretty sturdy.

On one of them Randy used a different plastic, which didn't quite reach all the way around the bottom, so that one I helped hold down with a hook fashioned out of a forked branch.

There's no telling how long any of this will last, but it doesn't matter.  They only have to last as long as it takes the weather to warm up enough- I'm figuring just another month.  Or until they're so big, they've outgrown the new greenhouses as well.

So the tomatoes are safe, and this didn't cost me anything but some time.


Miriam said...

You are one resourceful woman. I think you and Kim would have a lot to talk about - she is always finding uses for objects I would have trashed. Good for you, good for us, good for the planet!

Paula said...

Yeah, from what I've seen on your blog, I think I would really enjoy talking to Kim. Maybe pick her brain for ideas. I did really love that gate!

I've taken to hanging on to anything that I think is going to come in handy someday. Kind of Great Depression thinking, but I think we forgot some very good lessons learned during that time. That, and WWII lessons, like scrap collecting, etc. The British collected everything- even kitchen scraps for feeding pigs! Rags, bones, everything!