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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last Ditch Efforts

Today's forecast called for more hail, and temperatures in the middle thirties for tonight, so I decided on a last ditch effort for the peppers and cucumbers.  I really should have done this right after planting them, but I wanted my belief in spring temperatures to manifest.  Now I know better.

That's my new herb block in front.  I also covered the newly sprouted zucchini and patty pan squashes, and the Charentais and Liberty melons against the coming frost thusly:

If you look closely, you can barely see the outline of the cotyledons of the squash, which are huge!  I had neither enough bubble wrap or concrete blocks to do the last bed, so the honeydew are on their own.   Last but not least, I put the last of the plastic over the lettuce to bear the brunt of the hail and to keep the frost from hitting them:

Naturally, because I'd been Johnny-on-the-spot with preparations for today, it didn't hail.  Not only that, but we had enough sun breaks for me to worry if I was cooking the lettuce.  I guess we'll just have to see.

Today we also got the Biggest Sweet Gum Known To Mankind some attention from certified arborists.  Brian Horrigan of TreePeople had given us the best price last year when we were thinking of having the tree removed altogether, and before we discovered what a royal pain removing a tree in our city is. We have an ordinance that says that any tree with a circumference of three or more inches has to be permitted for removal.  That's any tree with a diameter of a little less than an inch, so God forbid you have a boatload of trash saplings all over your place!  I think, in my heart, that they meant three inch diameter, but someone seriously screwed up somewhere.  Anyway! The idea was to thin the tree, and they did a great job.

That's Gary on the left and Brian on the right.  This is where they were midway down the tree; they started waaaaay up at the top.

This is Brian.  The graininess is due to our new camera, and I can't tell when I'm taking the picture that it's going to be grainy, and I can't tell what it is I'm doing that makes it that way.

I also got a couple of yards of chipped tree dumped in the driveway, so I can start putting down some cardboard and mulch, which should make Steve's edging and mowing hell a little easier to take. At eight hundred dollars, it was probably the most expensive mulch and firewood we've ever purchased or ever will, but hey! We got a tree trimming thrown in for free!

I also received a very nice condolence card from the folks at the vet clinic today.  They all had really nice things to say about Rufus, which was nice to read, even though it had me fumbling for my handkerchief.  I am generally okay, but completely dissolve out of the blue for no apparent reason every once in a while.  That dog seriously got under my skin and it will be a long time before I am over him.  I sure hope he knows how special he was to me.  See? I'm doing it again.  Well, tomorrow it will be one week, so I guess I'm entitled.

Tomorrow my Agribon and six-pack sheets show up, so I'll be able to cover the cole crops against the flying uglies and start some more seed.  Our freezer is also supposed to be delivered, and I'll tell you all about that once it's in, turned on, and freezing something.

I am definitely feeling a lot more ready for summer this year than I did last year.  How are your plans coming along?

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