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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Soccer Widow's Wish

Today is the cup game between Bayern Munich and Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League, and since it's being televised on Fox Sports, Steve is glued to the set.  He wants Bayern to win of course, being half German, so naturally Inter Milan has just made the first goal. This is just a taste of what's to come because his home team, the Kaiserslautern Red Devils have just won their way back into the First Bundesliga in Germany, which means that Steve now has a chance to see his beloved Red Devils actually play.  In the several years that they've been in the Second Bundesliga, he's only been able to follow them in the German sports write-ups online.

 image from here

I don't watch with him, despite my casual interest in all this, because every time I watch something where I definitely want someone to win, they lose.  I think I'm a curse.  Steve thinks this is all nonsense, but I don't watch anyway because I don't want him to find out it's really true and then banish me from the living room for the game period, which would hurt my little feelings.

The last time he was able to watch Kaiserslautern on TV and they were in danger of being relegated (which happened, as we know), they did something stupid and he was so pissed off he yelled something in German at them.  I was just glad to be in another room at the time, because someone yelling something angrily in German at the top of their lungs is pretty frightening.  I've never once in the eight and a half years we've been married ever been in fear for my personal safety- Steve just isn't built that way, thank goodness.  But his temper is rattling!

If Bayern Munich doesn't win today, it won't be the end of the world, and he'll be his warm, wonderful self anyway, but if they could just win.....I might be able to talk him into a trip to IKEA for a kitchen island that I want very much.


Anonymous said...

I spent the eighties watching the Forty-Niners in the garage, because I was "bad luck". Good luck with your island!

Miriam said...

We're in the throes of hockey playoffs, so I can relate. The last Canadian team will probably be eliminated PDQ - you have a lot longer to go!