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Monday, June 7, 2010

Breakfast, 07 June 2010

Salmon cakes and hash browns with homemade ketchup

Homemade ketchup is a bit of a revelation.  It's better than organic commercial ketchup, which tastes like everybody else's commercial ketchup.   Homemade is a bit chunkier, and tastes like an amalgamation of all the ingredients; commercial just tastes of ketchup.

This was the first product of our tomatoes last year, and we used the recipe in the 1977 edition of Irma Rombauer's Joy of Cooking.  I would recommend making ketchup to anyone who cans, because it's so worth the effort.   Your kids might have a little trouble making the transition, because it is different- spicier and not quite so sweet.  

All I know is, I'm never going back to commercial, and we'll be making more from some of this year's harvest, Lord willing that we get one. 


Miriam said...

I'm sure your ketchup is amazing, but I covet your hashbrowns. I'm never patient enough to get them that crispy. Isn't it wonderful to have time to make such a satisfying breakfast on a weekday?

Paula said...
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Paula said...

It is nice to have the time, but honestly, I need to go back to work!

The trick to hash browns is to shred them finely- I use the fine disk on a contraption called a mouli julienne, and then to dump them into cold water right away, and then wring the dickens out of them- get out every last possible drop you can, and then you can fry them up.

It also helps in the patience department to have something else occupying your attention, like salmon cakes..