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Friday, June 4, 2010

Too Close To Middle Earth

There are times when my husband will shed his geekskin and don his nerd's clothing, particularly when trying to get my goat or be funny.

When making decisions about how to put together my so-called hutch, which will really be a series of shelves, I first considered that they are to hold my white porcelain ware.  To show the porcelain off to their best advantage, as well as have another wood color in the kitchen- I tend to favor the Old World, unfitted kitchen look- I settled on staining them a dark color, Minwax's Ebony, to be exact.  Then I figured that being that dark, I'd better make them look as English as possible, or Irish, at least, with a small nod toward the Gothic or medieval periods.  (Trust me, I realize what a stretch this is for pine from the big box store.)

I futzed around in my drawing book until I had a shape for the shelf supports that I liked, and then I blew them up on the copier in the office, and used them for cutting templates.  Earlier this week I finished cutting out all the shelf supports.  I decided that I don't have enough room in the garage to put the shelves together assembly-line style and opted to put them together the old-fashioned way, i.e., one at a time.

I got the shelf and the support section for the first shelf put together yesterday, and the first of two coats of stain on.  Steve came out to the garage to get his shoes for his daily walk in the park.

"Wow!" he said, when he saw my progress.  I couldn't tell from his tone of voice what he was thinking.

"They're supposed to look English," I offered lamely.  He looked at them again.

"Yes," he said with mock seriousness.   "They look hobbity, not elvish."

Would he say this stuff if I didn't get his references?  Is this as bad a reflection on me as it is on him?

Oh jeez, do they look hobbity?

I dunno.

All I know is that I hope this isn't a portent for the future.  And that they don't look hobbity.


Chris said...

Hi again, here from Gig Harbor...btw, you can see my listing in Local Harvest under Christina's Bouquets in Gig Harbor, Wa. 98335.
My question...what is the difference in a geek and a nerd as you referenced to your hubby? :)

PS. Your homemade pasta looks divine..btw!

Paula said...

Hi Chris- a geek is a computer expert or enthusiast, whereas a nerd is an intelligent person obsessed with a usually non-social hobby or interest. Steve is a software developer, which is the geek side of him, except when he's researching something programming related just for kicks, which is when he becomes an ubergeek. But when he makes knowledgeable references to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, or Dungeons and Dragons lore, or answers a legitimate question with several lines from an arcane rock song, he's a nerd. He does that last one a lot. Half the time I don't know what he's talking about.

Jen said...

Perhaps they are neither and are a bit wizardy?

Paula said...

Jen- wizardy is almost as bad. I'm going with Toni's assessment from another post that they're Yorkshire Dales. Having never been to the UK, much less the Yorkshire Dales, I have to take her word for it...

Chris said...

Then we could call him a Geenerd or a Geekerd! :)