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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Winter Garden Planning

Today I placed an order with Territorial Seed for my winter garden.  It didn't comprise everything I plan on growing because I currently have plenty lettuce, carrot, and turnip seed.  I also have cabbage seed, but not for the right kind. Oh! You want to know what I ordered? How kind of you to ask:

Improved Dwarf Siberian Kale (OP)
Melissa Savoy Cabbage (F1)
January King Cabbage (OP)
Cherry Belle Radish (OP)
Guardsman Scallion (OP)
Shimonita Scallion (OP)

Oh you saw that F1 hybrid in there? I know, but Melissa has the very best reputation for being frost and freeze resistant, and there will probably be only so much I can do to protect the cabbage this winter.  I have a good idea where I'm going to put it and the January King, but the area seriously needs hoeing and cleaning up.  And I ordered seven grams of the Cherry Belle radish seeds, because Steve loves radishes and they are a safe snack for him.  I shouldn't have tried to plant the sprouting radish seed, which is probably chosen for the vigor of the sprouts- it makes for lousy radishes and they bolt very quickly, which actually might be another reason they are used for sprouting seed.  Anyway, I've learned my lesson with the radish seed.  Only the good stuff from now on.

I didn't order the garlic and shallots at this time because I don't want them showing up during the summer.  I'll wait until closer to the end of the summer to order them.

Well, I need to get back out to the garage and start some Roma flat Italian green beans, because the slugs have chewed up most of the sprouts in the Three Sisters, which, aside from the beans, look pretty good.

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Anonymous said...

One of the best things about living and gardening here in the Sierra Nevada, is that we don't have slugs or snails, and I DO NOT miss them!