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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Everyone Should Have Friends Like Dave and Carl or At Least House Elves

I mentioned earlier that my friends Dave and Carl were here, helping me get some things done around the house.

Let's see- they:
  1. Fixed Steve's grandmother's clock within five minutes of arrival at the house, which he (Steve) had broken within five minutes of me finally unpacking it and getting it hung on the wall several weeks ago
  2. Cleaned the kitchen after every meal
  3. Painted my bedroom
  4. Bought me a bottle of Old Overholt rye
  5. Bought themselves a bottle of scotch, which means they didn't drink all my Johnny Walker, not that they weren't welcome to. I would have had a good excuse to buy another one.  (They said they didn't want to get used to the good stuff)
  6. Bought 'themselves' a bottle of Speyburn single malt scotch, which they conveniently left with the rest of my liquor.  Susan, if you're reading this, I can now offer you some Speyburn, because now it is mine to offer
  7. Weeded my flower bed, which was a hot mess
  8. Finished painting the first coat of paint on the pergola
  9. Helped Steve and me get the reed fencing installed on the top of the pergola (which made a huge difference in the temperature under the pergola
  10. Pulled a shitload of plastic sheeting out of the yard ('member I told you about all the plastic in the yard?)
  11. Moved a lot of soil around, chief of which was Santa Ana's wall
  12. Installed a barrier between where the bark and the patio were going
  13. Helped me install my irrigation- scratch that- I helped Dave install my irrigation
  14. Helped me put down cardboard and helped Steve move and spread five cubic yards of pathway bark
  15. Cleaned the bathroom they were using before they left
  16. Made a scampi dinner and lemon pie one night (and then cleaned up afterward)
  17. Dave found the rest of the sweet gum logs around the base of the tree and neatly stacked them up
  18. Carl found the dirty laundry in our bedroom and sorted, washed, dried, and folded it for me

And as if that wasn't enough, when we got back from taking them to the airport, I found a fat envelope in their bathroom with a very nice thank you note for our hospitality, a few pieces of Dave's late mother's jewelry (not the least of which was a small pair of diamond earrings and a rhinestone P, as her name was Pearl) and a hundred dollar bill to help defray costs! 

Dave and Carl just like to help.  I told them several times that I could not have afforded them if I'd had to pay them, which is true.  And they sincerely hustled to get as much done in the week we had together as they possibly could.  I am so much further on my projects than I would have been without them, and the fact that Steve didn't have to help me with all this went a really long way with him, particularly during World Cup.

So here are the pictures:

The pergola with reed fencing covering it

Painted pergola, late afternoon

 Installing irrigation pipe the next morning

The garden with half of the ordered bark down

I miss my house elves already.


Miriam said...

Wowie! That's a lot of work done in a week. Friends are soooo important, and when they come and pitch in like that, it's icing on the cake. You must be a special person, to have friends like that!

Paula said...

No- I think I just have special friends. They do things for other folks when they stay with them too.

I haven't seen these guys in three years, so it was great that they came out to see me; all the stuff we got done was indeed just icing. Lots and lots of icing.

Miriam said...

I just noticed that the comment I posted at Mucky Boots answering your question about the hydrated lime didn't appear for some reason - that's the second time that's happened to me. There's something demoralizing about being rejected by one's own blog...

Anyway, the hydrated lime came from the local farm store. Probably any place that sells animal feed would sell it.