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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting Ready


Joleen said...

Paula - I've been following and enjoying your blog for a very long time now, but haven't commented (I don't think anyway). I tried your recipe for no-knead pizza dough this weekend and the dough came out beautiful and the smell in the house was lovely, but when I put the toppings on and cooked it in the oven, it came out all doughy and the crust didn't cook. Any ideas what I did wrong? I didn't cook it first - just put on the toppings and cooked it for 15 minutes at 425 degrees.

Paula said...

Hi Joleen- I don't think you did anything wrong, but it might take a time or two to get it just right. We bake pizzas in a 500 degree oven for around 7-8 minutes on a pizza stone at the very bottom of the oven. It's hotter on the bottom down there, which is where you want most of the heat.

We also learned the year we lived with a gas oven that gas ovens just do not make good pizzas- they tend to heat from above, which is not where you want the heat for a pizza, and they are not consistent with the heat.

So the few suggestions I could make from the info you gave me was, hotter and with a stone, and an electric oven if you can help it.

We've also had good results from the Weber grill (on really hot days) but that is a lot trickier and those are ropes I'm still learning.

I hope that helps!!

Joleen said...

Thanks Paula! I do have a gas oven. I also have a pizza stone, so I'll have to find it and try it next week - I have 5 more little packages of frozen dough handy!

Paula said...

Ah! I think you are going to want to really heat that stone, once you find it. Something I forgot to mention is that even with the electric oven, once it comes to temperature, we let the stone heat for 30 minutes before we throw the pizza on it. Since the chief problem with gas ovens is inconsistent heat, you'll want to make sure that stone is really, really hot, so that it forms a good crust on the bottom. I would also roll it New York thin (but not cracker thin) and I'd keep my toppings to a minimum until you figure out what it can take. Good luck!