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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Verdict On Eight Ball Zucchini

The eight ball zucchini was decent eating, when the squashes were little, but then, what zucchini isn't good when picked as a baby?  However, because of their round shape, they were difficult to extract from the plant, because they'd wedge themselves pretty thoroughly between the leaf stems.

As always happens when growing zucchini, or any summer squash really, several got away from me and they grew to small pumpkin size.  They also looked mighty like pumpkins.  Tonight I harvested a couple to make into zucchini bread, so they wouldn't be a total loss.  They were very tough to cut into, and the interior kind of smelled like pumpkin.  I looked online to find out how they were developed, with no such luck, although I did find out that they are an F1 hybrid.  So even though I can't find anything on what went into making that particular F1 hybrid, I'm convinced in my own mind that a pumpkin is in there somewhere.

These are going into the freezer
I think the bread turned out okay, but the bottom line is that I don't like this zucchini.  Ronde de Nice is a round French heirloom that might be fun to try, but I find round zucchini hard to harvest, so I'm not sure I'd try another round zucchini.  I think next year's zukes will be a regularly shaped zucchini.

Speaking of summer squash that got away- I have a couple of patty pan squashes on the vines that are huge, but it's okay; I'm saving them for seed.  Patty pan are my favorite summer squash, and I like the green ones, not so much the yellow ones.  These ones are called Flying Saucer, and if you want to see one, there are three in the picture in my last post at about seven o'clock in the colander.

Maybe I'll just stick to patty pan and skip the zucchini altogether.


Miriam said...

What great looking loaves! Our summer squash plants (zucchini and patty pan) haven't produced a single squash yet, just lots and lots of flowers. I know we're a few weeks behind where we were last year, but this seems strange... Aren't the nutrients you need for fruit the same ones you need for flowers? Maybe I need to go around with a little paintbrush and pollinate by hand.

Paula said...

I did that (with the paintbrush, I mean) and eventually the bees showed up and took care of things for me, especially with the pumpkins.

Do you guys have enough bees?