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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Autumn Priorities

This autumn is shaping up to be a busy one. I just finished making a cover for the day bed in the living room, and still need to make a cover for a backrest for it.  That will also be made from the wool Italian army blankets that I bought for that purpose, but I'm going to stuff it with the two down comforters we have.  It turns out that this house is too well insulated to really need them.  Which is kind of interesting and points out how important insulation really is: when we lived in an uninsulated concrete block and stucco house in north Florida, a down comforter was very necessary in the winter, and I'd sleep under one in a hooded sweatshirt just in order to be warm enough to fall asleep.  I could not get that house warm enough in the winter time, which is part of the reason why I happily left it behind me.  That and the bugs.

Anyway, in addition to the backrest cover, I also need to sew curtains for the sliding glass doors. I also need to get back to working on the hutch and get that done (finally) and then there is another list of things to get built: the breakfast nook benches, the dining nook and benches, and the tables for both, although, if I can find the right sizes, I'll buy those.  If they don't cost a bundle.  After that it's just a couple of light fixtures to replace and I'll finally be done with this house.  Oh- but not before I paint the kitchen door to the garage and its trim- we left that for last.

Then I can get started touching up paint all over the rest of the house where we've nicked it, and replacing the porch light.  Oh wait- I still have to build the drop down bunk beds for the guest room, which is impossibly tinier than all the things I need it to be.  Then I'll be done with this house.  Really.

If I truly believed in that saying 'you're never done', I would probably not even start, but I also happen to know that each project's finish leads to a more pleasant way of life.  I also know from experience that putting it off just means that you have less time to live with the improvement, and it's worth tackling something even if it seems like it will never get finished.  Because eventually, it does.

So, after updating my new garden pocket planner and garden notebook with what I've done so far with the garden this year, I also noted the best days this autumn for planting above ground crops, below ground crops, pruning for growth, etc., from my Old Farmer's Almanac.  And guess what? Tomorrow and Friday are good days to start projects, so today I took care of something that fell by the wayside during my last project: I cleaned the bathrooms. 

If I had the gumption and one more day before Project Day, I'd tackle the guest room, AKA my Room of Shame...

....or at least my Desk of Shame.

As it is, right now I need to hop into my overalls and go move some excess slate (again) in the garage so we have a place to put the Bear bricks when they arrive tomorrow.

The question is, how would I get all this done if I actually had a job?   The other question is, of course, how did I manage to let the guest room get so bad? 

Priorities is how, and the guest room is going to be shameful a little longer.


Miriam said...

You are one busy woman! Do you know the website ? She has lots and lots of plans for stylish, simple furniture - you might have to sort through the furniture for kids, which she has a lot of, but there are great plans for beds, tables, bookshelves and everything else you can think of!

Me, I've come down with my usual I-flew-on-an-airplane-and-now-I'm-sick cold, so my plan for the next few days involves nothing more than bed and a hot water bottle!

Paula said...

Hi Miriam- No, I didn't know about Ana White, but I sure do now! Thanks very much for turning me on to her site- I've bookmarked four or five tables that she has listed to look at later when I'm ready to do tables.

There was also mention of a Kreg jig for making pocket holes which I didn't know about- that should make building stuff a LOT easier, so I'm glad to learn about that as well!

As for your cold, send Kim off to the store to get you some Umcka, by Nature's Way. My chiropractor turned me on to it and it really does work to lessen your symptoms and shorten your cold. The short story is that the African geranium roots from which it's made makes your sinuses shed the bug that's got a hold of them. Works great! We always keep some in the cupboard- if you get to it early enough, it can stave off your cold altogether.

Feel better soon!

Miriam said...

I'm sending Kim out the door as I type - thanks for the suggestion!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Lol, the "room of shame"... I have one of those!! Actually, I have an entire "building of shame" - also known as our detached garage. heavy sigh.
Sometimes it seems like it's virtually impossible to get the day-to-day stuff done, forget getting ahead. But, yet, we continue to try. That's a true definition of optimism. :-)

Paula said...

Oh good- I was really counting on someone to let me know that I'm not alone in this regard.

Thanks for that Danni!

Jennifer Montero said...

Your industriousness (is that even a word?) puts me to shame. I'm a compulsive listmaker and manage to complete 20% of my list on a good day. I should be out worming the sheep now instead of drinking coffee and sitting in front of the computer reading about other people's interesting lives.

It's hard to put stuff off where nature is concerned, you miss that window for planting, or the dry weather for cutting. The Farmer's Almanac is a good reminder / companion (My aunt sends me one every Christmas and I think it's my favorite present). I love that it even tells you when's the best day for a haircut.

Well done for keeping your Garden diary too!

Toni aka irishlas said...

If you're feeling this energetic, you can come clean out my closets... ;-)

I have to admit, with some sense of shame, I'm OCD about things lying around. However, my windows are so dirty the view is distorted! Dirt doesn't bother me, but, clutter drives me up the wall if it's in sight. Hidden away - well that's a whole other story...