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Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Am Getting Soooo Sore!

I started the new job yesterday, and was at it again today, and will be at it again tomorrow and Monday, possibly Tuesday.  'It' was digging and digging.  Yesterday was moving bark out of the way.  Today we dug a big hole in the ground.  Fortunately, my boss was wielding an excavator, but there was plenty of shovel work left for the three of us with shovels.  I am plumb worn out.

Did I mention that I get to work with a guy named Virgil and a guy names Frances?  I think that part is pretty cool, too.  I mean, it's one thing to work with a guy named Virgil, which is a rare enough name, and another thing to work with a guy named Frances, which is also a rare enough name, but to work with them at the same time is something.  Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.

1 comment:

Jennifer Montero said...

If a 3rd guy turns up and his name is Algernon, I would definitely buy that ticket.

Don't overdo it, will you?