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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Of Butterflies and Baskets

This is my new dovetail saw.  I've actually had it for a couple of months, having purchased it for cutting butterfly dovetail keys for the hutch.  I got it out recently because I wanted to try it for cutting the waste out on the center shelf supports on the hutch.

If you're a wood worker, you'll understand when I say this thing is way cool!  The saw is very thin, so you have to be careful because it bends easily, but this also means that it leaves a very thin kerf as well.  It worked really well for the shelf supports, so now I can't wait to try it on the butterfly keys.

I think the keys will be an interesting juxtaposition of styles- the hutch styling is aimed at the British Isles, but butterfly keys are a Japanese joinery technique.  I don't know if it's going to work or not, but it will be rustic, and that's okay.

Now the funny thing is, when Steve saw the saw out, he said, "When did you pick that up?" 

"You were there when I picked it out!" I replied, somewhat indignant at the accusatory tone in his voice.

"Are you sure this isn't a case of a spouse pulling something new out and then saying she's had it awhile?"

I stifled the urge to tell him oh I do that too, but this isn't one of those times. 

"Steven, you were there in the Home Depot tool department when I picked this saw out. It was around fifteen bucks.  You knew about it." 

And I went back to what I was doing, careful not to look at the two cool baskets that I picked up for ten bucks at the second hand store when the boys were here in July that I've been hiding in plain sight so that he'll think I've had them forever.  Which, by the time I get around to using them, will be almost true.

A little sneaky, I admit, but we'll be glad to have them sometime next year when we're casting about for what to store potatoes in.  His beloved potatoes, I might add.


Grandpa said...

Now I know what a butterfly key joint is! You know I'm used to a different kind of butterfly, and we don't usually cut them!

You are one handy lady, if you don't mind me saying. Nice basket

Paula said...

I don't mind you saying so, and thank you!