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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Work Sucks

Okay.  I'm whining now.  Because this is a very young business and the boss is getting involved with what seems to be everything, I am working a lot anymore.  Today marked the seventh day in a row without a day off.  One day this week was eleven hours.  (Sorry to all you working nurses out there who regularly pull twelve hour shifts- I'm just not used to this.)  This Saturday we're doing a rain barrel event at the Beaverton Farmers Market, so tomorrow is all hands on deck to build fifty rain barrels.  

We build the barrels, and make and paint the stands tomorrow.  Saturday we do the event.  Sunday, I finally get a day off.  My boss said, "Sunday, we rest."

But I have so much to catch up on because he's been working me like a dog, that rest I will not get.  Consequently, I've nothing from the homestead to dispatch, so I feel like I'm letting you all down.  I even missed my 'above ground crops' window on Tuesday and Wednesday because I got home so late- I'd wanted to get some seeds for winter crops- mostly more kale, broccoli rape, and lettuce started.  But that didn't happen as planned.

The only thing homesteading related going on in this house is that the Mother Earth News arrived today, so I'm going to go read that now and then go to bed.  Oh- and make a list of all the stuff that has to get done on Sunday.

I didn't work this many hours when I was salaried and I was making a hell of a lot more at that time.  This recession that supposedly ended in June of last year is a real sonofabitch.   I need to remember that what I'm doing is a good thing- rain catchment is a good thing.  Alerting the public to the need for personal responsibility for water needs is a good thing.  Water is going to be tight in the future and the more people that can fend for themselves, the better.  I'm doing a good thing.

It'll will eventually get better, but right now, work sucks.


Tamar@StarvingofftheLand said...

This, I think, is why it's so important to do work that is useful and meaningful. Because there are always times when it sucks in a day-to-day way. In a whole-world way, though, it's important and constructive, and I hope that helps see you through it. 11-hour days building rain catchment systems are WAY different from 11-hour days doing meaningless drudgery. Chin up, Paula.

Toni aka irishlas said...

At least you are working with a company that is dealing with our most precious resource - water. That's something to be quite proud of.

Working, homesteading, having a partner, animals - the balance is hard work. Then throw in some you time and doing some things just for fun. I've learned there is never enough hours in the day and consequently, sleep is which goes first. Then it all goes down hill from there.....

You'll find your balance. When you do, let me know 'cause I haven't found it yet!

Miriam said...

7 long days in a row is an awful lot of work - I know you're feeling like you need to get caught up at home on Sunday, but I hope you carve out at least a bit of time for R&R, too. You ARE doing many good things, and you will be able to keep doing them if your gas tank (metaphorically speaking) doesn't get drained. Am I sounding bossy? I hope not - it's just the voice of my own hard won experience talking!

Joleen said...

A good work you're doing, but is it taking "your life" in the direction you want to be going toward your goal of simplifying and being self-sufficient. Hopefully, it will get better and you'll have more time at home.

Cottage Smallholder said...

I do admire you, Paula! Water is so important and the job sounds very green. But your employer sounds a little green in the worst sence too. If you work people that hard they quickly stop being productive.

Take care - hopefully things will settle down soon.