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Friday, December 31, 2010

Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off....

You know what? You guys are right; activity does seem to help.  We also had some sunshine today, albeit a bit thin.  I'm feeling a wee bit better about things, and I think that making a list of goals for 2011 was a step in the feel good direction.

I gave up New Year's resolutions a l-o-n-g time ago.  At a certain age, I forget which, I realized that I'm pretty set in my ways and I'm not about to change.  The only change happening to me these days is gravity related, and I'm coming to terms with that.  But the time of the end of the old year is a great time to set out goals for the coming year, and I've set mine into a separate list off to the side there.  I'm not sure what happened to 2010's list, or how much of it I got done, but I figure if I keep my list here where God and everybody can see it, it will keep me honest and on task.

At some point, I want to try to assign different goals to different quarters of the year, which I've found helpful in the past. I just can't do it now because there's a good possibility that I'll need surgery shortly, and recovery for it might set me back, time-wise.  I have a couple of things going on in my heart, and I've known all my life that heart surgery was in my future (not that that makes it any less scary), and I'll know probably in a couple of weeks how soon that's going to happen. Nowadays they can do this thing called robotic surgery, for which the recovery time is almost nothing.  (Steve told me to ask the surgeon if he does robotic surgery, and if he doesn't, why is he still doing stone age surgery?) But I don't even know if my problems will qualify me for robotic surgery.  One of the things that needs to be fixed is my aortic valve, which is a serious bummer for me. For either choice, pig valve or artificial valve, I would need to be on medication that would either prevent my body from rejecting the pig valve, or medication to thin my blood to keep the artificial valve from sticking.  With both meds, you can't drink alcohol.  *Sniff*  But I like my nightly tipple.  So that little wrinkle is a little depressing, huh? No more depressants!

I've also had several suggestions to get chickens to lift my spirits, and I plan to do that, but I want to do it after I get my bees installed.  Or at least, a little later…probably late winter or early spring.  But poultry are definitely on the list.  I need to put their coop together first, and I guess deciding on where it's going to go would be a good idea too.

And then I also remembered that a good way to lift your spirits is to stop thinking about yourself!  Gah! The world doesn't revolve around you, so snap out of it!   Nothing seems to work as well for taking your mind off of what's going wrong with you than making someone else your focus for awhile. So Steve is getting a lot of attention these last few days, which is making us both happy.  He goes back to work next Monday, and I'll be left to my own devices again, but now I'll have a to-do list to get started on. 

So thanks to everyone who left advice and well wishes because I appreciate all your kindness and ideas.  And absolutely everyone have a Happy New Year, and a Peaceful, Productive, and Prosperous 2011!


Miriam said...

Surgery is always a scary thought, regardless of how long you've had to get used to the idea. But you're strong and fit and have the sort of feistiness that will help see you through.

How about becoming a tea connaisseur when you can't drink alcohol anymore? You could even start growing your own, if you wanted.

I hope you continue to feel better, and that 2011 brings you the best of everything. I have so enjoyed getting to know you this year through our blogs - thanks for sharing your life with us all!

sew susie said...

Paula, I have been following your blog for some time now and know that no matter what happens during 2011 you will have the strength to face any challenge, no matter what it may be.
Heart surgery is very daunting, I know as I faced this myself 5 years ago. Get as much information about this from your doctor as you possibly can. When we are informed I think we cope with any hurdles that come our way more easily. You have a loving partner, family and friends who care and a very healthy dose of optimism, so you will be up and about in know time enjoying all of the wonderful things that you do. Now I am going to water the tomatoes as we are heading for another 37C day here in Australia. Take care of yourself and enjoy your day.

Jennifer Montero said...

And we'll be here commenting with our two cents while you're having your surgeries, so I hope that knowing we're all out here rooting for you will give you a bit of support, and make it a wee bit less scary.

Mike's going in for more surgeries this year too, so I understand your anxieties.

According to beekeepers, bees are even better than chickens as a salve for the soul.

So glad to hear you're feeling a bit brighter. A happy and healthy 2011 to you too.