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Friday, January 14, 2011

Done With Number Nine

There was a break in the weather today just long enough to get out there and finish up the apple espaliers, which is what I did.

So I'm crossing off that one of the goals list (if I can figure out how).

In other news, the state of Florida appeared as a slice of bacon on a West Linn man's breakfast plate.

He could not be reached for comment.


sew susie said...

Congrats on crossing an item off the list.
Unusual/Unexpected Shapes in Food.
Could this be the start of a new section?

Toni aka irishlas said...

Bwaaaa hahahahahaha!

Congrats on being able to cross off an item on your list!

Btw - the bird is a Northern Flicker

Paula said...

sew susie- thanks and probably not. I might never have notice the similarity if I hadn't actually lived in Florida. But it's a darn close likeness though.

Toni- thanks for the ID.

Miriam said...

Look at that crossed out item on your list - way to go! I'm looking forward to hearing about the apple harvest in your future!

Captain Shagrat said...

A job well done indeed,could do with you down on my allotment;-). Wow bet that feels really satisfying.

cottage garden farmer said...

Actually it's not florida, it's north west wiltshire.....:) well done on the espaliers, wish I was as organised.