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Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Idea No. 9

Some years ago I bought a really different knife block from Bed, Bath and Beyond because my beloved knife rack was packed up because I couldn't attach anything to the walls in our rental. This knife block looks like most others, except that instead of preformed places for the knives to go made out of wood, the interior was fitted with a bunch of skinny plastic rods, so that you could configure how you keep knives in it however you want. Once we bought our house and I could hang up my knife rack, the funky knife block went out to my bench in the garage.

It currently holds all my screwdrivers, nail sets, putty knives, brad puller, and drywall saw.

It's a super handy place to keep all that stuff.


Rae said...

Not a good idea, but a GREAT idea. We lose screwdrivers constantly. Simple fact. If they had such a nifty home though, we might keep track of half of them. :) Gonna try it!

Joleen said...

Love it!

Lauren said...

I am showing this to my husband! I used to have two tidy tool boxes while I was a single lady. I knew where all 20 of the screw drivers my father gave me were at all times.

Then I got married. I love the man but really!?! I can't find a single tool I used to own or my tool boxes. Nothing pisses you off like needing a screw driver for a baby toy that won't stop making some irritating sound and there is no screw driver to be found. :)

I need this right away! Great idea. (I apologize in advance for any typos... it is rather late)