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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My New Addiction - Edwardian Farm

I'm not embedding youtube videos, but if you're interested (you should be interested), you can find the link to the first one here.

I finally figured out that they've broken up each episode into fifteen minute parts, so episode one, part one, is E1P1, and episode one, part two is E1P2, etc.   I'm on E4P1.  My thanks to Jenna Woginrich, for posting it on her blog, Cold Antler Farm.

God bless whoever it was who posted this on youtube, may you have a long life and much happiness.


Marianne said...

so glad you can see this. It's one of the highlights of my week. Look out for Victorian Farm and Tales from the Green Valley (I think), by the same trio.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you can get them on Netflix? I really don't like watching on Youtube...

I love that you are putting your dinner menu on your blog daily. I started putting mine in my journal. If it's something I don't usually cook, I include what recipe book, or blog I got it from. That way I can cook it again.

Paula said...

Marianne- Me too. I watched Victorian Farm (twice!) and then looked for it on Amazon, but can't get it in the right format for the states, which is such a shame. Tales from the Green Valley was a little weird on youtube- I may never get to see that one.

sissyjane- per my comment to Marianne, I doubt that it can be had from Netflix, as it was a British production, and the only DVD I was able to find was on Amazon and it's in a format not consistent with the format used in the US. Bummer, is all I can say.

Rachael said...

It IS good! Even my husband enjoys it! We also watched Victorian Farm twice. I would like to see Tales from the Green Valley. I sure hope someone will post that one soon too.